Monday, February 10, 2014

Sharing a very creative weekend.

In keeping with my One Little Word for 2014, ACTION, I decided to recreate this technique that I found on Pinterest; 30 WAYS TO ADD TEXTURE TO YOUR ART JOURNAL PAGES BY LYNN.  I did not have all of the supplies she used to create her page but I have enough of them to get a variety of textures.  My plan was to cut the completed collage into ATC’s once it was completed so I used a sheet of 5 x 7 water color paper.

1.        I applied paint and drywall tape

2.      Added torn book pages

3.      Used heavy molding paste through a stencil. 

4.      Added tissue paper & used a hot glue gun to doodle hearts

5.      Glued on die cuts

6.      Added washi tape

7.      Added a clear sticker

8.     Glued on small puzzle pieces

9.      Glued on torn bits of cardboard & a tag with string

10.  Painted with Luminate Acrylic Glaze in teal zircon

This is what it looks like once dried.

After letting it dry overnight, I cut the collage into ATC’s.  I used one of these for a Quote ATC swap which I show near the end of this post.


I wanted to join Journal52 but was worried about the year-long commitment.  Part of my reluctance was also feeling a bit intimidated by the talent of the other participants.  It is that exact feeling that kept me from participating in other art journal adventures so this week I decided to take the plunge (take ACTION) and get caught up.
week 1: Up, Up & Away
week 2: Somewhere, a Simple Place
week 3: You make me smile
I actually had a lot of fun.  I came to a bit of a halt when I came to week 4: Build Character.  I cannot draw or sketch so I sat for about 20 minutes trying to figure out a way around it.  I looked through my stash of magazine pictures and was going to do a collage but somehow that felt like cheating.  I grabbed a pencil, my Derwent coloursoft pencils and started drawing this face.  I stumbled upon it going through some old National Geographic’s.   I was attracted to the wisdom her face seemed to portray.   
I am proud of myself for trying and not settling for the collage. 

week 6: Lost Art of Love Letters
I created these ATC’s for several swaps:

Quote ATC #4: Stained glass

Inside stained glass ACT

Quote ACT #4: Tomorrow

Alter My Playing Cards: Rd 5

Purple ACT for February (my 1st pocket ACT)

It was a weekend full of creativity!  I feel very fulfilled after taking on Journal52 and getting caught up. I am actually looking forward to next week's journal page.
What did you create this week?  Please share as I would love to be inspired!

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  1. Great action this weekend. Don't you just love drywall tape. Your ATC turned out great!

  2. Beautiful beautiful pages!
    What a wonderful weekend you've had. I've begun to explore art journalling myself.
    You are truly an inspiration.

  3. Hey Diane! I just checked out Journal52 and signed up. I think I can keep up with two yearly art journals since I'm doing Life Book. :) Your work looks awesome! I can't wait to find some time to play catch up. Also that book you mentioned: A beautiful mess photo idea book...that was the next book on my wish list. Haha! Great minds think alike. :) Have a great evening!

  4. Beautiful art work! A pat on the back for just taking action and joining the 52 group! I so need to just take action and start an art journal. I've bought supplies, I've pinned on Pinterest, and I've read blogs, but when you've never done it before it's so hard. I think I freeze just not knowing how to start. You've inspired me, maybe I'll go play!

  5. Dear Diane,

    I am SO glad you joined us for Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy - what a gifted woman you are! I truly savored each and every piece of art you shared with us. Thanks for inspiring us with your lovely creations!

    Congratulations - you are also one of our featured guests at this week's party! Be sure to stop by to see which piece I featured - and to share your latest creations with us!

    Have a lovely week!

    Create With Joy

  6. Wow! First time linking up and you're featured! I swung by from Inspire Me Monday when I got a look at those cards! I've never heard of ATC's before. What does that stand for (or did I miss something?)

  7. First, thank you for stopping! An ATC is short for artist trading card. Just like baseball cards, artists trade these cards and collect them. If you Google them you will see some awesome photos. Pinterest is also another place to see theme. I began creating and trading them last summer. I belong to many swaps in which I swap what I create for one someone else created.


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