Friday, February 14, 2014

Roses, carnations, chocolates, or balloons…what kind of Valentine are you?

 I thought this Maxine-ism would be the perfect way to celebrate today!

1.        I found valentines awaiting my arrival at the coffee pot this morning.

2.      More snow today (insert sad face here).

3.      To get myself in the mood for Valentine’s Day, I visited a couple shops on my way home from work last night.  It wasn't love that I felt in the air, more like stress to pick out that perfect gift.  I watched one gentleman circle the cards with what looked like jittery apprehension.  I guess he decided to skip that altogether as he headed towards the flowers after only scanning over the cards.  He first picked out a dozen yellow roses (joy, friendship, “I care”), put those back, tentatively looked at some mixed bouquets (missing you), returned to the roses, then looked up and caught me spying on him.  I don’t think my look of amusement with the addition of having my camera out helped his indecisiveness.  I wanted to suggest a mixed bouquet of roses (you mean everything to me) but decided an apologetic smile and walking away was a better move. 

4.       It was a balmy 31° yesterday but I couldn't believe it when I saw a guy on this ride past me into a store parking lot.  I tried to catch up so I could snap a shot of him on the bike but he had already disappeared into the store by the time I found where he parked.  With ~3+ feet of snow still on the ground, I thought him to be overly zealous.

5.      With March madness on every basketball enthusiast's mind these days, college sports wear is taking over the coveted entryway of most stores.  Being the U of M girl that I am, I couldn't resist taking a snapshot of this t-shirt. 

*Follow up:  First there was 1, then there were 2, now there are none…the dryer ball saga continues.

So, what do you prefer getting for Valentine’s Day?  I enjoy flowers, especially this time of year when a touch of color and the deep inhale of their fragrance brings me out of the depths of this gloomy, midwinter funk.  But, I really enjoy it when the hubby cooks for me.  Mind you, this has happened only a handful of times so I am not hopeful.  Guess I'll follow Maxine's lead and devour some chocolate.

Thank you for stopping and I wish for you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Joining the celebration of our week at Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds and Nancy’s Radom 5 Friday.


  1. What a brave fellow to be out on a motorbike this time of year! He must have been freezing!

  2. sounds like some one is a die hard biker ... or just plain silly??! or really enjoys the cold weather??! ha. ha!! Happy <3 Day!! ( :

  3. ...anything Maxine makes me giggle!! She is my kinda gal.
    As for the biker in the cold...I can't imagine just how they can stand the temperature when the bike is in motion!?!! I would love to have a hubby that cooks...but, I won't settle for a PBJ sandwich, so he knows that and we go out. LOL You're lucky to have a man that can actually cook. The dryer ball poster cracks me up.

  4. Oh nice Valentine morning welcome. Flowers are so expensive good call to walk away. That is one dedicated biker:)
    Love the dryer ball reward poster. B

  5. I love Maxine -- too funny. The guy on the motorcycle -- crazy! Good luck with the continuing mystery of the dryer balls. Happy Valentine's day -- enjoy!

  6. I saw a guy riding his motorcycle on snow covered roads in 10 degree weather this past weekend. He must have a death wish.

  7. I hope you have a very happy Valentines day.

  8. I've seen bikers out in worse weather...I'm thinking that for some it may be their only mode of transportation. Flowers are nice, but they fade too fast..chocolates make me fat...I guess my favorite Valentine's would be a night out for dinner.

  9. Maxine always makes me smile -- we don't do anything really for Valentine's Day. Thought it was very sweet you woke up to find your gifts. :)

  10. Cute story about the gentleman... I hope he found something he liked! Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. What a lovely post, Diane !
    I enjoy flowers ... and chocolate, like Maxine ... great :-)
    Happy Valentine's Day !

  12. So much fun in this post!! I loved the story of the man trying to decide on card/flowers. And riding a motorcycle? My neighbor did the same thing one day with snow on the street! Love Maxine, enjoy your chocolates, and just maybe a cooked meal from hubby!

  13. I love Maxine and wish sometimes that I could be more like her. I am spoiled as my Hubby is the chef here, I love the roses he buys me and the Maxim white chocolate covered ice cream bars..

  14. I love snow, no sad face here. Lovely Valentine collage!

  15. I love Maxine! She always makes me laugh.
    Brave guy with the motorcycle! Yikes!
    I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day ....
    Have a great weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  16. Pretty crazy guy to be out in the snow on a motorcycle. I've seen people out on bicycles though and that's just as nutty. The flower shots are lovely. I enjoy flowers but with cats inside I just don't get them often because they tend to try and eat them and that might not be a good thing. I opted for candy (not that I need that either).

  17. such a fun post....made me smile big.

    i was sitting in the doctors office with john today....and said... Happy Valentines honey.... he was like.... what? it's tomorrow.... Oh honey...I'm sorry...
    I said...don't be... you bought me flowers and a new bench today.....
    he said... oh I sure hope you love them. :)

    thanks for sharing with FF. Happy Valentines... xx

  18. Chocolate -- definitely! This is a fun post! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

  19. Your post has me smiling.. Stay warm...


  20. I have enjoyed your post so much!!! It made me smile big, too! I really like the way you tell the story about the 'Don't know' gentleman...Wish you a good time :)

  21. Beautiful images ... and your stories behind them are so enchanting. Enjoy your Valentine's weekend.

  22. It's taken me awhile to get around to Random 5. I love me some Maxine!
    Not sure but I think that looks like an old Harley - gotta love those guys. :)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! A belated Happy Birthday to you! Kind of neat we share the same birthday week and are natural redheads. :)


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