Friday, January 3, 2014

Taking ACTION in 2014!

The time has come to choose my One little word for 2014.  I have been mulling this over in my head for several days now.  Through my morning reading’s self-knowledge continued to be a reoccurring theme.  This is something I feel strongly about, getting to know myself better; what drives me, finding my strengths, learning what truly matters to me and what makes me happy, and most importantly, discover what I really want to do with the rest of my time here on earth. While this is all good, it is inner work and I have been reading and doing inner work for at least 10 years now.  I need to get doing, which takes me back to my daily journal where I committed to Take Action. 

I need to start doing the things I am reading; doing what inspires me, doing those things that make me happy! 
So I chose action as my one little word.
Action (noun)
1.        the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.
2.      a thing done; an act.

Cover for my One Little Word journal.  Still needs "something"...not sure what yet.

No New Year’s Resolutions.

Instead of making resolutions (never seem to keep them beyond January) I made a list of
Ways I can be more happy in 2014:
1.    A Clean House.  Keep up with the house work and “stuff” piling up.
2.      Get out more.  Taking walks and getting out to take more photographs.  My inspiration for this came from Sarah at Paisley Rain Boots.
3.      Doing more for others.  I was inspired by the Random note project and Random acts of kindness (RAK).   I am carrying these in my purse so I can spontaneously leave them wherever I am. 

Notes I created for the Random Note Project

Had done this previously through 29 Gifts but that is no longer running so now doing as RAK's.

4.   Entertain at home.  Invite more people over.  I allowed my perfectionism to prevent me from having people over; always concerned that my home wasn't organized enough, clean enough, neat enough and people would judge me.
5.  MarriageBecome closer, have more intimacy and do more together. 
6.      Get unfinished project done.  Make a list of all my unfinished projects that are collecting dust around the house, sort them by large and small projects then begin tackling them a couple per month at a time
Idea:  The Unfinished Projects – Project.  Create a blog button and have others post their unfinished project list then take before & after photos of completed works.

7.      Be healthier.  Consciously eat healthier, get out walking more, and get weight to what feels good. 
8.     Acquire self—knowledge. Find my strengths and develop them.  Recognize my passions and embrace them.  See what’s tripping me up and how I can learn from it.  Live in the present, rather than the past. (Dowrick, 31)

I am going to incorporate this list with my One Little Word for 2014.  By taking ACTION for each of these, I will gaining insight to the happiness I've been striving for.

5 Random Finds

1.  I find that by taking the time to search within and writing everything out on paper that I want to achieve, I've already taken that first ACTION step.

2. This is the first time in months that both dryer balls wound up in the dryer at the same time.  The second one magically appeared 2 days ago.  Wondering where it has been (guessing the teenager's room in a sleeve of a shirt that he now has to wear because it's the only clean one left) and how long it will remain here.

3.  Loving the fact that this is now out quarterly.

4.  While my husband I jokingly call ourselves "old fogies" because we are often in bed by 9:00,  we made plans to go out and stay up until midnight to toast in the New Year.  We made it!

Toasting in 2014.
5.  An unexplained phenomenon: my Christmas cactus re bloomed in the same week that my Easter cactus decided to send out 2 blooms.  This is the second year in a row they've done this.

What unfinished projects are laying around your house?  Would you be interested in my idea of The Unfinished Projects – Project?  Any suggestions you may have as to how I could launch this idea would be most welcomed!

Happily linking up with Kim's Friday Finds and Nancy's Random 5 Friday.

Dowrick, Stepahie, Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials.  New York: Penguin Group, 2007.


  1. Oh I lost one of my dryer balls too:) Old foggies here too but we stayed up till midnight them crashed shortly after. I never make resolutions but I love the idea of all of yours and writing them down. Happy New Year. B

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. It was fun staying "past our bedtime". I hope you had enjoyed your evening of stay up late.

  2. Funny about the dryer balls. I'm missing 2 of mine and the littles swear they never saw them. Hmmm. No resolutions here for me either. I am happy to hear you are putting "you" at the top of your list of to dos. SELF should always come first. Stop by to see what one of my RAK is. This past week I did it 6 times!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Loved your RAK story! Also, I too enjoy noticing those synchronicities and "aha" moments. I make note of them in my daily journal with a note of gratitude to the universe.

  3. oh that's a great list...a clean house always makes me feel 100% better...cute photo of you and the hubs at new years!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Had not heard of Friday Fences until I visited your blog.

  4. So funny about the dryer balls! You have a great list up top ... good luck with it. And I like your 'word'. I seem to fizzle at the word thing so I'm thinking in terms of a concept, still tossing it around my addled brain to see if it sticks.

    1. I learned early that not all ecourses and links are for everyone. I learned about My Little Word via Pinterest but thought about it for several months before committing to it for 2014. Just because it works for some doesn't mean it is a good suit for you. I hope you find something inspiring for yourself. Please get back with me and let me know when you find that perfect fit, I would love to stop by and support you.

  5. wow, your word 'action' can lead to a great many things to do! good luck! I like too many of your photos to pick my favorite. :)

  6. Unfinished projects I am the queen ! Action a really positive word...

  7. Isn't it weird how we can loose something and swear we will never find it again (we looked and looked) and then there it is. Yesterday I found my camera lens cover. Been missing for months. Well, at least I have it now.

  8. Great list, Diane, wishing you good luck with it !
    And I think 'Action' is the perfect word !
    I haven't chosen mine ... yet.
    Nice weekend,

  9. I love all the things you have written here. Thank you for the shout out. I am so glad that I am inspiring you to get out more and take photographs. I love sharing the things I see. Unfinished projects…ah yes, always need to be better at that. Love your word for 2014.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog, Diane. Reading your list for 2014 made me tired! LOL If I had a list, it would include many of the things you mentioned.

  11. The case of the cloning dryer balls! I'd be afraid to write down the unfinished projects -- I don't think I have enough paper. ;) I'm working slowly on cleaning out the house. It is getting done, but at tortoise speed. Enjoyed your post. I made it to 9 on New Years eve. :) Happy New Year!

  12. Great word!! Sounds like you're making wonderful progress already!!

  13. I think I made it until 9:30 pm New Year's Eve... but that's okay. Love your list of things to be mindful of in the coming year. :)

  14. I fit the old fogie group, but I stayed up with three of my young grandsons till midnight. Needless to say, I wanted a nap the next day! Wonderful word which can go many directions! One more thing...Sarah is a great inspiration to me too!


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