Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adding to My Morning Reading Ritual


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 Morning Reading Ritual

I have added another book to my arsenal of morning inspiration; Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions by Tony Burroughs.  This book was actually given to me last Christmas by a very dear friend.  Because of her spiritual gifts, when she told me I was meant to have it, I knew it to be true.  I started out reading it with good intentions but it simply wasn’t “working” for me and at some point I stopped reading it and it found its way up in my office, shelved.  Two days ago while doing my morning reading the message came that I needed to get that book out.
It is a different kind of book; it uses the process of “bibliomancy,” or book magic.  Stay with me here…  It is not meant to be read cover-to-cover.  You set your intention then open it to any page, and read.  The message that comes is intended to answer your intention.   It “will give you clarity and guidance for whatever is going on in your life at any given moment.” (Burroughs, xix) Wow!

Here is the process: “Pick up the book and hold it for just a moment.  Take a breath or two, let your thoughts settle, and be open to receive.  At this point, you can either allow the book to hone in on the perfect message that is for your Highest Good, or you can pick a situation in your life that you’d like clarity or resolution on.  Then say, “I intend that everything needing to be known is known here today and that the messages and guidance I receive from this book are in total alignment with my Highest Good, the Highest Good of the Universe, and Highest Good of everyone concerned.” then, open the book to any page and start reading.” (Burroughs, xx)

After reading the message there is a “My intention For the Today Is:” and you read that.  I actually copy it down on an index card and carry it with me.  

I am looking forward to the messages and manifestations that come about from this venture in 2014. 
My next post will be about my One little word for 2014 and the changes I hope to incorporate in my life for new 365 days.  

What changes are you planning on making for 2014?

Burroughs, Tony, get what you want: the art of making and manifesting your intentions.  Berkeley: Viva Editions, 2012.


  1. I'm gonna get that book. Have a great weekend! Aloha

  2. Forgot to add that I have a passion for purple lately. Used to be red...because I believe that red is the color of passion. Anyway...aloha again!

  3. You are very artistic! Kinda jealous becausse I love crafts but am not as good. The book sounds interesting. However, I felt more interested in your idea of keeping a notebook with one sentence a day. I'm gonna go for that. Thank you for having so much information that is useful, interesting and helpful in this page. thank yo for sharing your life:)


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