Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A little bit of creativity

On my desk are the beginning stages of a purple ATC.  I want texture and depth so I started with a die cut ATC, always so fussy as both the backing and the scrap paper on the front have to be cut out by hand.  At this stage I am waiting for the modeling paste to dry.  I spray inked some cheesecloth purple but have not decided how it will be used.  On the left you can see a pile of goodies I found at the Midland Antique Festival last Saturday.  There are several old photos, some wonderful antique Christmas cards, and an assortment of doilies to use in journals.  I will post more about them on Friday.  Lying next to the ribbon is some colored molding paste by ART-c that I purchased using a 50% off coupon. 

As I was snapping this photo for today’s post I caught myself wondering how the rest of you out there decide which photo to post.  Does everyone take more than one photo and pick the “most interesting” or is just one photo snapped and that’s it?  Because lighting is such an issue for me (there isn’t any at 3 – 4 o’clock a.m.) so I have to snap more than one in the hopes of getting some close resemblance to the actual color of things on my desk.

My weekend desk was mainly the dining room table covered in papers to correct and lesson plans typed out on the computer.  I squeezed some time in but none for me.  I keep saying I am going to cut back on swapping but I never seem to manage it.  I have so many projects waiting in the wings that I need to get to… I think I keep putting them off partly because my mojo still hasn't returned and I don’t want to work on something only to be disappointed in how it turned out.  My confidence is returning but ever so slowly. 


ATC: Black and white with a touch of yellow: Full Yellow moon
Inspired by the full moon last week, I used SILKs acrylic glaze to paint the moon then added die cut trees and some dyed cheese cloth to give it a more haunting appearance.  This series remains one of my favorites.
APC's: Queens
This series will be completed by the end of the year.  I have a make up round to complete as I somehow missed the 9's.  I took the idea I shared last week and used it to create these playing cards.  I misted some Perfect Pearls on each of the leaves to give them a little glow.  

ART: Letter J Rolo (Global): J is for Jack-in-the-Pulpit
This series has a ways to go before we get to the end of the alphabet.  I find it challenging to find something that starts with the letter that isn't ordinary.  For this Rolodex card I shrunk the image of the flower before printing it on card stock.  I hand colored it then went over it with a Sukara GellyRoll pen in clear.  For the background I glued wadded up tissue paper to the rolo then applied Inka Gold Metallic Rub to enhance the texture.  I found the text in an old book.
I thank you all so much for the encouragement you have been giving me over the last several weeks.  So uplifting and helpful… I am ever so appreciative.  Thank you!

 Finding encouragement and loads of creativity within a wonderful group of creative people over at What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday.


  1. Wow - purple has invaded your desk, lol!! I love it, especially the bit where you've obviously been madly inking!
    And those Queen cards are wonderful too, I love the Autumn theme running through. And I have Jack in the Pulpits in my hedgerow that runs along my garden! How fab that they have the same name in the US - that's pleasing :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 34 xx

  2. Golly, Diane, it is ages since I have heard the name Jack in the pulpit. A lovely result with the card for it. I do like those little cards with the autumn theme - I think they are just great.
    An incredible amount of deep purple on the desk - wonderful colour!
    How do I chose my photo or photos? Usually by thinking of my week, and putting up appropriately - this was especially true regarding those wedding dresses, 'cos everyone was so very supportive and then wanting to see the finished garments! I rarely do a before, during and after shot of a project - usually 'cos I don't think about taking a photo until the item is actually finished!! I normally take just the one shot of the actual desk, unless there is so much on it that I have to take a few to pan along the desk! Hope this gives you an idea...
    Trusting you will soon start to feel more energized, and raring to go with your art work. Take care of yourself.
    God bless.
    Margaret #18

  3. How interesting! I've never heard of jack-in-the-pulpit. Great that you do an ATC with 'factoids' (unusual facts).
    I love your ATCs, especially the 'moon' one. I keep telling myself I'd like to start doing ATCs but haven't got round to it....
    As for your question: I just take the one picture. I have to take it on Tues evening as I craft (at the moment) on the kitchen table. The table has to be free for breakfast of course.
    Thank you for letting peep over your shoulder.

  4. Wow! You have been having fun! Love those cards especially and the Rolodex card!!! Usually only take one shot on Wednesday morning - unless we are going out early then its an afternoon/evening before shot. Chrisx 45

  5. What super crafting. Love that ATC. and how wonderful to get the discount off the molding paste. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great day and have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #69 x

  6. You're not confident?! You can't find your mojo?! You could have fooled me - your work is lovely. Hope you have a really lovely crafty week - with some time just for you. Hugs, Chris # 14

  7. Looks to me as though you have been very busy making lots of interesting things and they all look great to me.
    Hope you have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 36


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