Friday, September 26, 2014

Finding joy in vintage finds

My finds this week come from the Midland Antique Festival.  I find myself looking forward to making the trek to this annual event, spending the day outside wondering from stall to stall looking at all the wares.  Often it is a trip down memory lane, remembering things from the past that were long forgotten. 

I laughed when I came across this cassette player.  I had one although I am not sure what color it was.  It was very popular in the late 60’s and I’m sure “all my friends" had one.

In the past I have always had something specific I was looking.  I find that it’s difficult to browse and take everything in because my mind is too busy looking for that one thing, filtering everything else out.  This time I was looking for fun and unusual things to put in my art journals so I was able to take in more of the eclectic array of goodies.  It wasn't until after I got home that I discovered the unimaginable; I didn't take any photos except the one of the cassette player!

I found these cotton doilies priced at 50% off in a basket.  The smaller ones will go in art journals but the larger ones will find a place in the house, under a plant or crystal.  I remember my grandmother having doilies laying everywhere, even on the arm rests of the sofa.  This may be why I enjoy the look of them placed under knick-knacks, plants, and rocks.  I’m sure my grandmother is looking down on this and smiling.

I felt I had struck gold when I came across these vintage Christmas cards.  They will find their way into the Christmas journal I have planned for December.

I feel in love with this photo.  Priced at $1 I scooped it up before anyone else could.  It is a hand painted original photo, so delicate with its well-worn tattered mat.  I plan to frame her and find a special place on a wall to display it.

I find this festival is also a signal to my mind & body that autumn has arrived.  Watching the early morning mist move across the corn and soy fields on the drive there, and the can one capture in words the "smell of autumn"?    The displays of mums and pumpkins, the chill in the air with a touch of dampness that makes one shiver when first walking out the door... all this signals AUTUMN HAS ARRIVED!

Sharing my small joys and finds with Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds.


  1. What a great place to treasure hunt. Not too bad of a price for the cassette player. I love the lettering on the radio part. I am really drawn to vintage lettering as of late.

  2. Fun new treasures and fun new props, and you can't beat the price on all of these. Great finds.

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed the day's journey - with memories, and treasures, and inspiration. Beautiful finds on an autumn day!

  4. Oh, what wonderful finds! Those vintage Christmas cards ... swoon ... and I love that hand painted photo - wonderful!

  5. Wonderful Friday finds! That painted photo is so lovely- what a treasure!

  6. Great vintage finds. Such great photo props!

  7. I love antique festivals, I never know what I will find. Looks like you found a few treasures, they will make great photo props. That last photo is gorgeous. Yes, autumn is in the air...

  8. I LOVE looking for treasures in second hand shops! We have a great one here with all sorts of textiles, plates, cups, vases, all from Sweden. I ♥ going there. Nice finds!

  9. Great vintage treasures you've found, Diane !
    The last photo is just gorgeous ... love it !
    Have a nice weekend,

  10. Love all the vintage items. Visiting from Friday Finds.

  11. What a fun time you've had, and what lovely treasures you've carried home. I love the period photograph of the young lady in her beautiful dress with her bunch of flowers. She looks so fresh and relaxed. All the best, Bonny


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