Friday, September 19, 2014

Celebrating the end of another week

Sometimes, a margarita IS the perfect ending to a difficult week.

I still find myself waking up at 0’dark thirty; that's military for after 1 a.m.  The super Harvest moon was out this particular night.  So mesmerizing…  The energy that particular evening was almost electric. 

 I found that last pesky item for the 2014 Summertime Photo Scavenger Hunt.  The hubby and I drove to the Midland balloon feast last weekend just so I could take these photos.  I doubt that I will ever find myself too old to enjoy watching these colorful balloons lift off and fill the sky.  Truly an “uplifting” experience.

Pink skies at night, sailor's delight.
That same evening, the evening sky line was breathtakingly beautiful. 

I ran across this image was posted on Facebook.  I found myself laughing as every morning when I get out of bed, I notice I am hugging the edge while little 12# Cleo has well over 1/3 of the center to herself.

My son Zachary was deployed to the Pacific this week.   I find myself missing him yet ever so thankful that he is not in the Middle East. 

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  1. Your posts are always a joy to read and view, but that image of your son just melted my heart. We are grateful for the sacrifices your son and your family make for us. Teachers work so hard - glad to see you are re-filling your spirit with creative picture taking, beautiful views, and the margarita, too.

  2. Yes to the margarita! I am sure you enjoyed every sip of it. Safe wishes for Zach.

  3. The bedding photo cracks me up, and how true it is! Real prayers for your son's safety.

  4. Yes, the bedding is hilarious. I too send prayers for your son's safety.

  5. Hope all goes well with the deployment. Those balloons look majestic.

  6. The balloons are wonderful - truly uplifting!
    I hope your son stays safe.

  7. Great finds! The night image has beautiful clouds with the harvest moon shining through. I will say a prayer for your son to stay safe, and tell him thank you from me for helping keep our country safe.

  8. Hot Air Balloons are so neat. A couple floated over our house this morning and I took pictures. Such a pretty pink sky shot. - So where in the Pacific is your son?


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