Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Finds ~ Savoring the Simple

I am finding after being off for a full week now, the layers of stress are starting to melt away.

I love playing with the Waterlogue app.  Unfortunately, it is only on the hubby’s iPad which he is constantly on.  This week I wanted to play with some of my recent photos and found the only time I can get my hands on it is while he is in the shower.

I am finding it easier to notice the little things to photographs to document my day.  This morning I was able to catch these evening primroses before they folded up for the day.  Amazingly, they grow in the cracks in the sidewalk where there is little if any soil.

Oh, were you using the computer?
Allistair is enjoying the fact that I am home during the day now.  Unfortunately, he wants to be in the exact space I am occupying.  I spread an old t shirt out on the desk hoping he would nap on that.  As you can see, my laptop was more preferable.  I did not get much blogging done that afternoon.
Now there are 4
The dryer ball saga continues…  I gave up and purchased two new ones (pink) after the teenager swore they were not in his room. I went to do laundry after he did several loads and guess what I found…yep, the missing-for-months-dyer ball sitting innocently in the dryer. 

We rarely have room for dessert but the one exception for this is when creme brulee is on the menu.  Because we enjoy it so much, we don’t bother to share, we each get our own to savor.  I save the brittle caramelized topping for last..yum!
 friday Finds
Joining the celebration of our week at Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds.


  1. Mmm creme brûlée my favourite have a great weekend..

  2. Love Creme Brûlée. My husband is always on his iPad too, fortunately I do have my own :) I really hope you are enjoying your time off.

  3. Oooh...enjoy your time off...and more dessert. :)

  4. Lovely Waterlogue edits, Diane !
    What a cutie Allistair is :-)
    And the crème brulée looks so delicious !
    Nice weekend,

  5. So wonderful to know your stress is peeling off! What a good feeling that is. Yes, Waterlogue is quite addictive, so fun, so beautiful and your edit is delightful!


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