Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scavenging for photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Before “showing off” my finds this week, I want to express my appreciation to those of you who stop by and leave such fabulous, encouraging, and touching comments.  This is my 3rd week joining in on the scavenging and I am having so much fun!  New to blogging, I'm still trying to find meme's/link parties that I can call home.  You all are such a wonderful group of people!  Thank you.

Here’s what I scavenged up this week for Ashley’s challenge:

Unusual crop
1.       Plants we grow and harvest
2.      Way to frame an image
3.      Cutting something very short
4.      A group or batch of something
5.      Handle of a whip

I have to admit, I had a difficult time with this one.  I first thought plants in a field or at the Farmer’s market (boring!) plus the only crop growing in the fields around here is snow!  My next thought was cropping a photo in an odd way.  I came up with zero (too left-brained for this sort of thing).  But in hunting through my photos I came across this shot; BINGO!  So I did cheat on this one as I did not take it this week, it was taken while I was stationed in Korea.  I took it because I was fascinated with the idea of peppers laying out to dry along public walkways; just don't see that here in the US. Back then I took photos to document my life overseas for my family.  I took rolls and rolls of film and sent them back home with lengthy letters. 
Keumtap variety of red pepper
It was a toss-up between 2 photos so am showing off both: 
I came up with this while trying to fix it.  It is an antique fountain that I fell in love with at an antique market. 

This little guy was adopted from a garage sale.  I fell in love with his funky texture.  He sits on a bookshelf in the same bathroom as the fountain.  

On the ground
Nothing but snow on the ground here and I’m tired of snow pics but after coming up with only vapid ideas I bowed my humble head and took these:

Out the door, down the steps,  & circle back; less than 10 feet total.  

Cleo is tired of the snow, too.  This morning she refused to go any further than she had to to answer nature’s call.

Blooper: Where things don’t go as planned
I spent last weekend putting together a magazine journal for a swap.  It was getting late, I was tired of gluing and then I noticed this:
Oops!  Glued the backside of this page upside down.
I could only laugh, punch holes in it and include it in the journal.  I hope the recipient has a sense of humor!   

I was originally going to use this as detail but I bought this lamp because I wanted some color for my dining room. 

And these are my favorite college colors (Go blue!):

Collecting Maize & Blue
Enjoying another week scavenging for photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. That shot of the peppers is quite astonishing! Love it!

  2. Oh it's all adorable and cute!

  3. Great photo set. Everyone seems to be naiiling the Details prompt and yours is no exception. Very well done. Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. I love your red pepper shot and the lamp. Great post.

  5. That pepper shot is shocking! Well done. I also really love the color shot. What a beautiful lamp.

  6. Beautiful lamp and the detail in that fountain is stunning.

  7. Those peppers are great, and who cares when you took it. I don't blame Cleo at all. My Riley feels the same way. Where in the heck do you live in Michigan?

  8. I love that shot of the peppers. The detailed scene at the end is interesting and cool. I really like the lamp. The fountain was a great find.

  9. What a great collection for this week's scavenger hunt! I love your shot of the paw prints in the snow.


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