Friday, February 28, 2014

Frigid Friday

My post is late today for two reasons…
I truly thought school would be cancelled as it was -12° with a -24° wind chill.  So I made my usual coffee and then sat down to start this post.  Then this happened:
Whatcha doin?  Can I help?  What's this cord for?  Can I should chew on it?

Oh... am I blocking your light?

Okay... so I'll just lay down right here.  You don't mind, do you?

I'm just going to take a nap right here while you work.  Don't mind me.
I gave up and went to my office to use the computer there.  I decided to check to see if they had announced our school’s closing.  It hadn’t so I thought I better get my day started still thinking someone with half a brain would close for the day.  Nope, we had to go in.

 My busy week creating journals

This week I had four journal swaps to get out (wheew!). 
I posted here about the Magazine Journal I created.  It has started its journey to the UK. 

This next one was for a private group swap I am participating in.  We each have a themed journal which we swap amongst ourselves until everyone has worked all the journals.  I had the John Cusack themed journal which I found difficult as I am not much of a fan.  Hubby to the rescue!  He had the perfect movie I could use so we watched Grosse Pointe Blank together then I created my pages based on that.

Used my favorite quote from the movie to create the page on the right.

The last journal was for the Pocketsized Journal/Sketchbook swap.  Mine is MIA.  Unfortunately a person had it and is no longer participating with us but has decided to not give it back.  I believe karma will take care of that!

I found these books on the discard table in the teacher’s lounge.  Looking forward to using these in my art journals.

I have a Swap-bot friend living in the Ukaraine.  She travels a lot and sent me this package of ephemera from Germany.  I plan to use the papers in an altered book I am making for my oldest son.  He was born in Germany.  
Love finding goodies like this in the mail box!

Ahh…the Easter candy has arrived in the stores.  I found these Russell Stover eggs just waiting for me to scoop them up. 
Sorry, these are taken.  You will have to get your own!

 Warming up and settling down this Friday with Kim at Friday Finds and Nancy at Random 5 Friday.


  1. All I remember is the Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg -- these must be new! Yummy. :)

  2. Oh I love those shots of the journals you are creating/swapping.

    I itch to get more into art journalling and creating altered books.

    I have one art journal that I play in right now... so very very basic - but I'm really enjoying it. I got interested when I stumbled upon a blog -

    The journal I play in has .... slightly decorated... pages and my notes on... dreams... moony things.... spirit... and I'm thinking of adding some QUOTES (heh heh). I call it The Night Ravings...

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. Wonderful post ... love your cat!!!! :-D
    Have a toasty weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  4. I swear your cat looks exactly like one of our dear "departed" cats, Nuisance (does yours have blue eyes?) They can be real pests at times. Hubby hates trying to read the newspaper in the morning because they want to sit on it.
    Your journals looks really fun. - Loving the magazine from 56 (my birth year).

  5. Nice work! And what is it with cats?? Mine likes to lie on the keyboard while I'm typing. Crazy! :-)

  6. You had an interesting week and your photos are pretty!

  7. I am super surprised you had school. Easter candy yum!

  8. Looks like you and your kitty have a fondness for the same computer. ;))


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