Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Warning: Messy workdesk photo ahead!

Creativity does have it's consequences.  My desk normally does not look like this, really!  Since returning back to teaching full time it seems I move from one project to the next with no time to clean and straighten in between.  My “clean as you go” rule got way sided as deadlines seemed to speed towards me.  This week I have been working on 3 journals in various stages.  On my desk there is the Pocketsize Journal/Sketchbook Swap #7 and a John Cusack themed journal for Your Turn In My Art Journal swap.  I ordered some ephemera for several St. Patrick Day ATC's I plan to make.  I will admit that I became lazy and tossed it on the end of my desk instead of putting it away. 
Difficult getting any work done when your assistant decides to take a play break.

My assistant

The third journal I was working on was a Magazine journal, a 40 day project also for Swap-Bot.  I kept meaning to take photos as it was spread across my dining room table.  Deep in writing, I continued to forget.  However, I did take this shot of my “assistant”, Allistair, who decided to sit smack dab in the center of it all.  The assignment was to have 30 entries over 30 days incorporating magazine clippings. I had a difficult time getting this one started.  I had the perfect journal but the size ended up being too small for the average magazine page.  I ended up going with an 8 x 10 size page with an 11 x 14 cover.   I underestimated the amount of time needed to complete it and found myself working most of the weekend to meet the Monday mailing deadline.  
For the cover I used my favorite Glamour cover from a 1956 issue.


View the entire journal here.

Joining What’s On Your Workdesk - Wednesday for the first time.


  1. I can completely understand how your desk got that way, you have a lot of projects going on :) I am the same way when deadlines hit.

  2. There are so many messy desks at the moment and that includes mine. A messy desk is a happy desk where great things happen. Happy crafting, Angela x

  3. Sorry should have said, Angela #68 only just getting used to the system.
    Big hugs, Angela x

  4. Wow, look at all the creative mojo! Love it, a messy desk is a great one in my book! Your cat is gorgeous! Thanks for the visit!
    Angie #96

  5. You gave us a warning messy desk ...... But what about a cute cat warning !!!
    Forgot what was on your desk after admiring your cute cat
    Jackie 32

  6. Your journal is so pretty and I loved the vintage magazine for the cover. Excellent work! and yeah... that's a bit of a mess, no need to bulldoze the room quite yet though. I am pleased to meet your assistant. I actually have 4 of them but the gray one from post is the one who insists on being on my desk the most. His brother is next and as they are both young they like to play on it as well. That makes my fat cat want to come up too but she's too fat to jump so my assistant needs assistance! She won't leave me along until I bring her up for visit. The 4th cat, he's content to supervise from across the room. It's a wonder I get any work done!

  7. Happy Belated WOYWW. Journals - I have not touched my two for weeks! Will catch up eventually. I am avoiding Swap Bot, as I do not 'do' deadlines anymore. Reducing the pressure in my life in order to improve my health. Will have a look at your journal tomorrow. Ali x. #47

  8. Sorry I'm late, but glad I made it.... love your desk, with your friends helping you!! Helen 15

  9. Your desk looks like mine right now. I clean it up and make just ONE card...and it will be in complete turmoil again. It seems like a lost
    I love, Love, Love your magazine Journal. so much fun. For years I was a magazine addict. Could NOT come home from the grocery store without one. Had to stop...not in the budget anymore.,,but still have lots of tear out pages...(although I just did a major purge on them...and now I wish I hadn't. I probably have ALL those Words to live by pages...I have used them so much in Journals...and on my blog...with adding a quote each day to my blog.

  10. No point putting the st Patricks stuff away! you're going to use it soon aren't you?!! it is a real tail chaser, the first few months of being back at full time work, but you get a groove and hey, I'm amazed that you're making time for any crafting, be proud!

  11. Assistants certainly do have a knack of sitting just where you want to work don’t they, I have one just like that too!
    As for trying to tidy at the end of a day of crafting, forget it, I used to try to do that but it never worked for me either. I used to end up working until there was the tiniest space before I put things away.
    Thanks for stopping by this week and …………….
    Happy Crafting!


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