Sunday, March 16, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here are my interpretations of the this week's items:

1. Doorway

It took 8 years to get up the gumption to paint the front door red.  Absolutely love it!  Wish we had it done sooner.

2. Candid

Allistair bathing in the warmth of the sun.

3. Open

As soon as you open the window the cats come out of the woodwork to indulge in some bird  & critter watching.

4. Look Up

Pandora (part Siamese) likes to be on top of the cabinets above the refrigerator. She can look on without any of the other cats, dog, or visitors knowing they are being watched.

5. Stuffed

A BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) croissant sandwich from Red Robin (YUM!)

Having fun scavenging for photos with Ashley at Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. Wow, that sandwich is making me hungry. However did you get it to pose so nicely on the plate? I would have forgotten to take a picture until only crumbs were left. The look up shot is a little creepy, I would jump every time I realized the cat was up there stalking me.

  2. I love your door. My blog friend Bill here in Tulsa tells me that red is the color of the Holy Spirit and that is why so many churches have red doors.

    And cats, cats are great for pics anytime. They are so disdainful of their support humans.

  3. Awesome front door! I have that same snowflake tablecloth.

  4. Love your front door! It's beautiful as a backdrop to those pretty flowers! I love the stars, too!

  5. Nice photos. I'm envious of that front door. I doubt I could talk my husband into letting me paint ours red. :( I bet you could write a mystery story about that black cat watching from above. Good job building that sandwich and photographing it!

  6. style, beauty and humor totally expressed in all your photos!

  7. we used to have a cat that liked to perch on the top of the cabinets. Of course, we had a dog as well so....that sandwich looks yummy

  8. Wow your Red door is cool and fits in so well with the lovely red blooms.
    Super cute kitty shots. They do love fresh air and watching birds.
    Yum on that sandwich.


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