Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another week of scavenged photos

A special thanks goes out to Ashley for selecting from my list!

What IS That?
Slightly gross but I do spoil my dog (isn't that what they're for?).  Whenever I have pizza, she gets the crust.  I have turned her into a pizza crust monster.

Okay, so I spoil my cats too.  Allistair enjoys licking up the remains of my morning yogurt.  He waits very patiently for me to finish.  Of course, he enjoys some flavors better than others, peach being one he especially likes.

On the road
With spring comes that “other” season here in Michigan otherwise known as orange barrel season.  Hate it!

On the shelf

I had an actual shelf photo taken but then Allistair decided to sit on top of my printer, which has become his new bad habit, and I thought this a much better photo op. 

Bad habit

Where to begin… coffee is one of many.  It’s not the coffee (according to recent medical reports) but the creamer.  When I discovered flavored creamer, which adds loads of calories,  I no longer could drink it with just plain ordinary milk !  The biscotti are saved for special occasions or when you want to spruce up a photo.

Enjoyed scavenging for photos again this week with Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. I have a dog addicted to cheese slices. Every time he hears the crinkle of a package he comes running thinking it is cheese.

  2. I so miss having a pet to spoil and your photos of your cat and your dog brought a smile to my face. I love your sense of humor and the orange barrel pictures is hilarious - and true here in Virginia, too! I am so glad to hear of another friend who loves her coffee with the flavored creamer. I'm working on giving up the flavored creamer AND sweetener and every day I start over! It's rainy here today and your blog is a bright spot in a dreary day!

  3. But Mommy I simply love the crust! Oh, and Mom could you snap my picture please, I can't sit here all day you know! Great and fun photos. If your town in Michigan looks like that right now, no snow and such green you are so lucky! Minnesota not so springy yet.

  4. We spoil our critters also. Of course spoiled critters have such a sense of entitlement that they don't know they are spoiled.

  5. I have just decided to stop drinking coffee as it bothers my stomach. I will switch back to tea

  6. When my dad had dogs ,they always got the pizza crusts! You can make your own flavored creamers with milk or cream and flavored extracts.

    Because I live in a milder climate we have orange barrel season all year long.

  7. Yes, the orange barrels, a traveler's nightmare on the road. It seems that no matter where I am going, I'm running late. I'm not a speeder, but being forced to slow down just isn't easy. I didn't drink coffee regularly until about 6 years ago and I drank it black. I tried hazelnut creamer (the powdered kind) about a year later and got hooked on it. I has been only recently that I was able to give it up. I still have close to half a container. It may be knowing I can have it anytime I want it that helped me give it up.

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  9. Orange barrel season--oh no! It will be particularly bad this year with all of the snow/ice/freezing in our area--the potholes are horrendous. I like your on the shelf photo.

  10. Love how you spoil those animals. We do the same sort of things with ours. Our newest kitten is quite a little "beggar" - Loved your kitty sitting on the printer. - I had hoped to do this set but ran out of time to find all the prompts.


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