Saturday, March 29, 2014

Finally Finding Friday's Random Finds

Posting late as it was tough week teaching and my mind had a hard time finding 5 random things that were not all negative. Spring break starts next Friday at 3:00 pm, Yay!

Is picking up pennies a lost art?  I hope not. This one will be deposited into the Christmas jar.

I awoke ~1:30 and could not go back to sleep.  It is a sad state of affairs when your dog’s snoring keeps you awake.

As the snow melts and the winds warm, the air takes on the scent of spring. 

The pair of robins that return every spring have been spotted.  Hoping they will build their nest again up in our front porch.

Parent – teacher conferences are this next week.  Thus far, only 8 parents of my 150+ students have signed up to come.   ahk*sjdfh#± va/¿≠hs;le!   (Soooo frustrated I can't type ) 

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  1. I don't collect pennies but I somehow end up with a lot of them. I just wish they would do away with them!
    Enjoy your spring break and I sure hope the weather is good enough for you to get out and have a bunch of fun.

  2. I pick up pennies whenever I see them. Good luck if nothing else. I understand your frustration about parent teacher conferences. So sad.

  3. Your random five is awesome..I still pick up penny when I see one.
    Only 8 parents signed up for parent teacher conference can be frustrating. Here, I am in Michigan too, the gym and cafeteria are packed. I even had to leave without seeing a couple of my son's teacher when the line was outrageous.
    Thanks for your words of encouragement. I speak up and now no one talks to me :) which is more than fine for me too..

  4. Diane,
    My Boston Terrier is a snorer too. She likes to lick as well, it's her nervous tick.

    I like your two spring shots. How fun to have a beautiful robin's nest to photograph and enjoy. I saw two of them yesterday.

    Good Luck with parent teacher conferences. I hope next week is better for you than last. Enjoy your spring break!

    Thank You for dropping in and leaving a comment for me.

  5. That robin's nest is just too sweet Diane! Hope your coming week is a good one! xo

  6. I don't generally pick up pennies. It would take jars and jars of them to do much for christmas. I like you spring thoughts though...

  7. Love the robin's nest! I hope they do nest nearby! We have a large jar that holds pennies. Our grandsons love to raid our pockets for spare pennies so they can drop them in the jar! I always keep pennies around just for them.


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