Friday, January 31, 2014

An interesting week comes to a close

It has been an interesting week.  (Ahh, that word, “interesting”; a polite way of saying one doesn't like something or finds it rather odd.)  Last Friday was to be my last day of work so I went in dressed to dismantle the classroom I had so carefully cleaned and decorated.  Upon arrival I was told that my last day would now be February 8th; not sure what they would do with me but would get back with me on Monday.  Mother Nature gave us 3 wind chill days (-33°) so yesterday was the first day of the semester.  Greeted this time with no, I would not be leaving but would be pushing in to assist teachers in classrooms who needed help.  The relief I felt has been replaced with a mixture of gratitude (my husband won’t worry so much about our bank balance) and confusion (what do I feel now?).

Thank you all for your words of encouragement last Friday!  I still realize that I have a need to move on, to work at finding something other than this because of the stress.    

Random 5 Friday

1.         I spotted this very unusual sight on a side street in the middle of an inner city while driving: HUNDREDS of crows were taking over this neighborhood’s trees.  Mind you, this is near or below 0° at 7 pm. 

I was snapping away, watching them as groups took flight only to land in a nearby tree. 

Suddenly, 3 shotgun fires rang out and ALL of them took flight! Their squawking was unbelievably deafening.  Generally, the sound of gun fire, especially in this neighborhood, would make one take cover.  Instinct told me to keep shooting and I got this awesome shot!  Have to say it was an exhilarating experience!

2.       I posted Wednesday about creating these vintage paper flowers.  I want to introduce you to my 2 helpers, Alistair and Kiri. Their idea of help was to lie on top of the paper and play with the scraps as I was trying to punch out the flowers. 

3.      I ran across this magazine while shopping Monday.  I did not have time to stop and read it but the cover certainly caught my attention.  Knowing I would forget the name of the magazine by the time I could get back to reading it, I snapped a shot of it so I wouldn’t forget.  This is one of the reasons I love modern technology.  Ten years ago I would have never thought to take a photo of a magazine cover in a store so I wouldn’t forget the name of it.

4.      My one little word {ACTION} check in:   I had to really push myself to brave the elements and attend SnowFest, an annual ice sculpting completion in a nearby town.  I was not excited about leaving the warmth of my home to go out in the below 0° wind chill.  Once there of course I was glad we went but admittedly I was ever so grateful to get back home! 

1.       Everyone loves to have their picture taken!  I am learning to be more aggressive asking, “Do you mind if I take your picture?”

Frozen chicken bowling; who knew!
Camels sporting blankets

This little guy was so proud of his name sketched in an ice block.  I fell for his rosy cheeks!
At first I only noticed this guy sporting a fur coat then I saw the little guy with his head peeking out, shivering.

Very grateful to be linking up with Nancy’s Random 5 Finds and Kim’s Friday Finds.  


  1. for sure, this is the season of ice sculptures! but my heart is turning toward spring!


  2. awwwwwwww, yes those rosy cheeks and sweet, sweet smile is precious!!!
    LOVED your paper flower helpers. Cats Rule!

  3. I'm glad you are still employed and understand to need to keep looking for something more "permanent" ... being on the hook, but not knowing where or when is a big stresser. My kitties are big helpers, too. Snowfest looks like it was fun. The little boy with his ice block and the man with the fur coat and little dog -- what great stories these images tell!

  4. We had a bird event like that a week or so ago, but not crows, we had starlings. HUNDREDS of them. They are all squawky like crows are though. Glad to hear you are still working and will be for a while. I'm sure that took a bit of stress away for you and your husband... xox

  5. Good for you to take ACTION and go out, you are doing so well.Maybe you are meant to finish out this school year and things will continue to fall into place during the course of this time. Everything happens for a purpose it is just so hard to see it when you are in the middle of it.

  6. Wonderful pictures of the snow. You are far braver than I'd ever be. Those sculptures would still be sitting there unseen if left up to me. I don't like COLD!

  7. Yikes, gunfire in the city, scary!

  8. Hmmm. I'm surprised someone would fire a gun like that in a city neighbourhood. Seems a tad extreme to me.

    Kudos to you for making yourself get out to see and photograph the ice sculptures! I bet your psyche was pleased with that even if your body was pleased when you headed for home. ;)

  9. Well, congrats on not being unemployed.
    OMG Those rosey cheeks are adorable!!!!
    That ice fest looked like lots of fun.
    Crows can really be annoying when they decide to roost in your neighborhood. They are so dang loud! But hysterical to watch.
    Have a toasty weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  10. wow, snow fest looks awesome!! those are cool snow creations. wow!! some one is so talented & i bet that takes time & tons of energy. ( :

  11. Goodness that was a huge amount of crows. We have them in our neighborhood, I leave peanuts out for them every morning but the most I've seen on the ground eating them at once is about 30. Funny how they do gather in large groups like that. The Gun shots would have scared me for sure. Your feline helpers are very cute. I'm a cat lover so I can't resist cat photos.
    Oh so glad you went to the ice show, those sculptures are amazing!

  12. You don't live in Terre Haute, Indiana do you? They have sure had trouble with crows. I haven't been down there in a while at dusk, but you would think you were in the movie The Birds. I think they have something they fire off, not an actual gun, but something to scare them with. Haven't heard recently how it is going.

  13. I am so glad to find your blog Diane! As you might know, I am also a Science Teacher/Artist -- sorry to hear you were laid off however. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog earlier this week for Grow Your Blog! I am thrilled you had already known of me through Pinterest! I am just now getting to visit my new blog friends and it is such fun to find your blog! I will look forward to going back and exploring your artwork and other fun things you have done! I have added your blog to my Feedly reader.

  14. oh my goodness.... a wonderful tour of photos.... I've seen that magazine many times... the cover really does catch the eye. :)

    snow fest looks so cool... there's something similar in Winnipeg.... and just before we left the sculptures were going up... I'm amazed by such talent....

    your kitties made me smile... and that sweet little boy... adorable.

    thanks for linking to FF.


  15. Great shots and interesting facts about your adventures this week Diane! Love the snow sculptures. Reminded me of the ones we used to see in Newfoundland when we lived there back in the '60s. :)

  16. Wow! It is certainly cold where you are! We were in the 60's today, but we do have snow in the forecast for Monday! What a roller coaster ride of weather. The ice sculptures are amazing. We have lots of black birds that settle on our yard quite frequently and the sound of their wings as they take off is a little spooky! Stay warm!

  17. Great shots of "the birds" ... well done to keep your nerve and continue with your own shooting!

  18. The ice fest sounds amazing. I will have to look back to see what happened about the job issue, but hope that what ever it is, you get resolved to your satisfaction. Sometimes hard to remember that WHERE WE ARE IS WHERE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.


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