Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sharing my latest journal.


PROMPT: Mistletoe or Humbug?
Shoot your mug with your most sentimental Christmas Decoration OR with a list of reasons you "HATE CHRISTMAS!!"

The ornaments on the Christmas tree are my most sentimental decorations.  You know the ones; the doily or the cutout tree with their photo of your child glued in the center made by your kids’ kindergarten and 1st grade teacher.  And one’s handmade by them using empty toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners, or homemade salt dough formed into some unidentifiable shape.  Those are what I treasure. 

This year, my goal is to take a photo of each one hanging from the tree so if a disaster happens I haven’t lost them for good.  I think we should all do this.  Hurricane Katrina and the latest Illinois tornadoes should have taught us that the stuff we miss most is not that recently acquired 50” flat screen TV; it’s the photos and things that hold a sentimental value.

 If you want to do something nice for someone this Christmas, take photos of their cherished ornaments hanging from their tree then save them somewhere safe online at Shutterfly, Photobucket, Picasa or, Flickr.  Let’s hope they will be unpacking the real ones again next year but if disaster strikes, your gift will be greatly treasured. 

 Magpie Journal:  An Altered Book

Magpie Journal Slideshow

As promised, here is my Magpie JournalMagpie Journal?, you ask.  Created for a swap at Swap-bot, the Magpie is a bird who goes around collecting or thieving things.  For this journal we had to have at least 30 entries of things we have collected.  Sounds easy but trust me, it was not!  I ended up sending out an SOS to fellow art journalists and friends in order to get some of the things needed to get all of the pages completed.  After two unsuccessful starts I decided on altering this book.
I tried creating mine as if I, the creator, were the Magpie.  Here is the intro page:

As a Magpie I …
Pilfer things to make my nest
Steal shiny things
Snatch things from the winter’s garden
Pilfer from Michael’s Craft store parking lot
Collect things that are black like my feathers
Thieve odds & ends of board game pieces

As an artist I collect  …
          Dylusion’s Spray Ink
          Sakura Gelly Roll Pens`
          Washi tape
          Duct tape

I act like a Magpie when I…
Pilfer paint chips from Home Depot for my art journals
Surround myself with things that make me happy
Take photos of funny signs when I see them
Keep a stash of my favorite books
Hoard bits & pieces of tape
Procure business cards 
Collect :         all things PURPLE
inspiring quotes
all things University of Michigan
German Beer Coasters
Weird & fun-to-say words
Calling cards
Small lamps that warm the house with their glow
Michigan post cards

It reached its new owner yesterday and I am relieved to learn she loved it! 
My next project is completing a December daily.  I have everything for it stashed in a tote bag but with work keeping me so busy, I decided to complete it over holiday break.  I promise to share. 

What are you working on over the holidays?  I would love to hear about it or see your photos!  Please, take a moment to share.

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  1. what a cute little book you've made! I always have liked to idea of making a book outside of a bound edition. Will have to try it, one of these days! {:-D

    1. Thank you so much! I created 1 altered Golden book and found myself hooked! I love art journaling but altered books just seem less stressful and more fun to work in. The only rule is, you must love the book you are working in. It must "feel right" or you won't enjoy the process. I do hope you try it in the near future.


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