Tuesday, December 3, 2013


5:35 am mugshot
Prompt:  Fall and Change
Assignment: Shoot your mug in the leaves on the ground, or with bare branches in the background.

With the first day of work now under my belt, I feel slightly more optimistic.  As usual, the fears my mind created and wrapped itself around were not present. Admittedly, this was my first day, reality will hit soon enough!   I am grateful for:
  •  the nice classroom I was assigned (although the echoing is terrifyingly bad)    
  • I have last hour planning which is wonderful. 
  • While I have 3 preps, they are easy and I have taught 2 of them before. 
  • The woman I am replacing kept a well-organized and maintained room
I purchased an organizer last night so my notes are all in one spot and will begin moving boxes in this week.  Now I need to work on learning to write my blog post ahead of time instead of waiting until the day I post to write.  This will take some getting used to!  The biggest hurdle is going to be uploading my photos and editing them.  I am still slow with the process and I just not good at editing. 

The one thing I am going to miss is my routine of creating in the morning; that quiet time spent in my office making ATC’s for swaps and working in art journals. I know from experience that my energy level will be too drained after teaching all day to create in the evenings so this now leaves only the weekends.  This really saddens me.  I have found that working in my daily journal while the evening news is on helps me transition better for bedtime. 

Here are some of the things I have been working on:

 This is for Alter my playing cards.  Each round we swap with a different partner.  I decided to make the first three ranks the same.  I am not sure if I will continue doing this or change for the next round.  You cannot see it in these photos but the cards are sprayed with Perfect Pearls Mist to give them a finished look.
Sentence a day journal - November
Inside cover

back cover
This is my third month for this swap and I have signed up for December.  Each day we write one sentence describing our day.  To make it a more interesting read, I add facts, trivia, and famous people's birthdays.
Here are some ATC's I created for various swaps:
Torn paper Christmas trees using glass beads gel as snow

Hand colored butterfly stamp using Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll pens

Bingo fun
Let it Snow

Neon paint collage ATC

Profile based ATC: Glittery Christmas  Kitty's
Teaser: I am finishing up a Magpie journal for a swap.  Will include photos for next week's Glue it Tuesday.
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  1. Your mugshot is beautiful, and your ATC's are AWESOME!!

  2. yes, great mug shot, and fab ATCs!!! Glad you are able to art a bit while transitioning into your job and having less art time. I've been thru that many times.

  3. I'm so glad your first day went well Diane. I could really feel your apprehension in your previous posts and know the toll that kind of stress can take. I hope it's continued to go well. Gorgeous cards! You've been incredibly busy and there will be many happy recipients! I love how different each of the sets are--I couldn't begin to pick a favourite! Take good care of yourself. xx

  4. I love your ATCs and red Christmas trees! Good luck with the classroom - you're going to be a very busy lady! Hope to follow you in the weeks to come {:-Deb


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