Friday, December 20, 2013

Celebrating unexpected surprises.

I love seeing the full moon hang in the sky behind the shadows of tree branches.  There is just something mystical about that sight that draws me in every time. 
Bottle tree in the foreground

I was awe-stuck by this wonderfully unusual sunset as I was leaving the grocery store parking lot.  I have never witnessed that vibrant shade of pink before.  And I wasn't the only one.  I discovered several other shoppers getting out of their cars snapping photos. 
The return of McDonald’s eggnog shake makes Christmas “official” for me.

I stumbled upon this tree while I was in a not-so-pleasant mood.  Normally I would look at it and wonder, "Why would ANYONE want a purple Christmas tree?"  But on this day, a day when I truly needed a laugh, the angles put this little tree in my path. And I did laugh.  The stress, the concerns of the day, they melted away as I laughed at this little purple tree.  Thank you angels!

I am celebrating the end of the week and the beginning of Christmas break.  I have so many things I want to get done over this short period of time that I became aware of getting overwhelmed.  I decided I will get done what I can and the rest will have to wait.  Unfortunately, classroom planning is one of those things.  I have the habit of always pushing it off until last, dreading having to do it.  This year I am going to set aside a day, make my list, spread my things out and work on them as I watch/listen to the Hallmark Channel. Deciding to tackle this unpleasant task in this manner takes the dread away and makes it a little less daunting.  While I really dislike having to do school work over the break, if I don’t, I begin the New Year behind.  I learned from experience that this is not a good decision!  I need to avoid that, especially this year as the state requirements are high and the school district is facing a government take-over due to mismanagement of finances.

Here are my randoms for the week:
·         I do miss it when I don’t get to my morning reading ritual.  The day seems to flow so much better when I do it. 
·         I can plan all I want, but if the Christmas spirit is not there, it’s just not.
·         I notice Allistair always seems to sit smack in the middle of the magazine I’m reading, the art I’m working on,  the journal I’m writing in…

·         Creating journals for others makes me happy.

·         I enjoy linking up with other bloggers; sharing my stories and reading about theirs.  That feeling of community helps fill in for the lack of respect and unity I no long receive from teaching.

What are you celebrating this week?  Have the angles placed any surprises in your path that changed your day or mood?  Please take a moment and share.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing it is a pity that work has to be done the temptation is to leave to the last minute , I think you are right get it out of the way and enjoy the holiday. Have a wonderful Christmas x

  2. What a gorgeous sunset, amazing colors !
    Oh my, a purple Christmas tree ... I definitely don't want one :-)
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time,

  3. My heart is full to overflowing with the beauty of the images I see whenever I click through one of the Tuesday Textures or Friday Finds. So glad that we have all found Kim and are sharing her journey!

  4. The pink sky is very stunning…so glad you had your camera to catch it. Ours was similar yesterday morning, and by the time I got the camera it had all changed, instantly. Great idea to do your work while enjoying the Hallmark channel. Have a lovely Christmas time.

  5. Full moons are great. I was howling at it the other night with my friends - so much fun! Merry Christmas.

  6. Glad that silly tree brought you some cheer -- and thanks so much for sharing at R5F this week. Happy Holidays!

  7. I love full moons in winter. That pink sunset is amazing. The yellow streak looks like a reflection in water. Beautiful. I hope you find some rest for your soul this next week. Good that you could laugh at the purple tree. Life is too short not to find humor in simple things. Blessings -- Nancy @ A Joyful Cottage

  8. What an unusual sunset, beautiful! And great moon photos too. I agree with you on the purple tree, I've seen pink ones too....who in the world??

  9. the moon has been rocking it lately. we have been totally amazed!! i will say to the hubby ... did you see it yet? i can enjoy it for ages. wish it would look like that more often. but i guess it can't ... ha. ha!!

    happy weekend!! ( :

  10. I also love to try and capture the moon in the clouds as it is lowering down. It isn't always easy to get a nice image I have found. You have captured some really beautiful ones. Love the pink sky as well. Happy Holidays.

  11. Your cat does the same thing as mine. She could be upstairs sleeping in the closet but if I should put one new piece of paper on the table or drag out some sewing to do BOOM she suddenly appears! :) Love the purple tree. ( NOT! but it is good for a laugh:)

  12. just beautiful. "tis the season to stop and take notice.

  13. I am totally with you on how mesmerizing it is to see tree branches back lit by the moon's glow. So beautiful

  14. Beautiful sunset shot .... and I, too, have a soft spot for full moons behind bare tree branches .... they are so magical!!! **sigh**
    Merry Christmas!
    diane @ aug's blog


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