Friday, December 27, 2013

Celebrating the Winter Solstice, surviving Mother Nature's latest fury, and Christmas.

December 22nd

My plans to celebrate the Winter Solstice got way sided by Mother Nature’s latest ice storm. 

The rain began early in the morning on the Winter Solstice.  It was disappointing as I had planned to spend the morning taking photographs of the snow covered fields at the nature reserve down the road.  At noon I wanted to take photos of people’s shadows when they were at their longest for the year but Mother Nature didn't cooperate when she covered the area with fog and rain.  Plans for celebrating the solstice with a bonfire were also waylaid as the cold rain was coming down in sheets with the wind blowing and howling making it impossible to light a fire let alone keep one going. 

When I awoke the next morning I thanked the angels as our electricity was still on and Christmas break began one day earlier when school was cancelled for the day.  I stayed safe inside sipping my morning brew and whispered another thank you to the angels that we were all safe and warm while other's where not so fortunate.   I spent the time enjoying my morning reading ritual and working in my journal. 

Dec. 24th

The morning sun came out shinning and the world suddenly took on a look of a crystal chandelier; the once deadly ice now sparkling like prisms. Perhaps this was God’s way of softening the Grinch-like perspective people were left with after being without electricity.

Fresh snow made for a literal “winter wonderland”. 

Random 5 Friday
Here are my randoms for the week:

  • Thankful for family; that the young still want to spend time with the old.

My mom and son frosting Christmas cookies.
  • Unearthing old treasures of the past that hold with them a multitude of memories of Christmases long ago.  

While stationed in Germany, I feel in love with these cookies.  I have never found anything like them since.  Now the box holds my boy’s handmade ornaments.
  • Driving through the county park, enjoying the lights on Christmas eve.

  • The simple pleasure of watching Cleo "getting acquainted" with her new Christmas toy.
  • Christmas cards from friends, family and fellow swappers.

This one arrived from Russia just this week.
What a week!  Very thankful we had electricity and were able to open our home to my parents who found themselves without.  Did Mother Nature disrupt your preparations for Christmas?  What random finds did you discover this week?  Please take a moment to share in the comments below.                               
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  1. love the snowy shots. but the icy shots looks very slippery. travel safe. ( :

  2. Gorgeous photos of Mother Nature's Christmas "gift" to you. Glad you didn't lose your power... and thank you for sharing at R5F this week Diane. xo

  3. Goodness you've had a winter wonderland to the max! Our winter here in Oxfordshire has been soggy with sunny breaks and quite mild. Before i left Vancouver it snowed there, but melted the same day. I really need to move to that dream home in Vermont I keep going on Hope you have a wonderful rest of your holiday season. :)

  4. Though I'm sorry your plans were waylaid, your photos are stunning! Thank you for sharing all of the beauty of Mother Nature. And for sharing your special family moments. Best holiday wishes!

  5. Lovely photos. We have very cold weather too and the snow won't stop. Bring on Spring I say!


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