Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday Mugshots & Glue it Tuesday

Ugly mug with Fireball Hibiscus
Assignment is to shoot your least favorite mug.  This is one of a set of 4 Christmas mugs that were given to me as a gift.  My first thought upon opening them was UGLY!  I prefer bright, cheerful colors to drink my coffee from; these, well there is simply nothing pretty or cheery about them!  Worst yet, they do not keep my coffee hot (oh, the sin)! 
So how does one go about taking a picture of an ugly mug?  Find the most sensational flower in the garden and put the two together!  This Fireball Hibiscus started blooming over the weekend.  The blooms are the size of a small dinner plate.  I purchased several of them and now each plant is over 3 feet tall.

Glue it Tuesday

Monday arrived after a busy weekend.  It was Blueberry Festival weekend, a good time for a garage sale because of all the visitors.    They have to drive right past out house to get to town so the perfect time to get rid of stuff.  We did not sell everything but a large chunk of it is gone.  It always feels good to get rid of the clutter!  Oh, the Christmas mug set, they didn't sell!
Mega ATC Swap 

rows: orange then green

Rows: purple then copper 

Handmade envie using pages from old math book

On Swat-bot I signed up for a mega ATC (Artists Trading Card) swap, 15 for this one swap.  I started working on them yesterday and finished them all today, including a handmade envelope for each one.  I designed them the same but each one came out differently.  I did them in groups of 4, each group assigned a different color ink and banner paper.  Gluing was the most time consuming part but by completing them in groups I was able to streamline the process and get done in a couple of hours.  These will go out in tomorrow’s mail for those 15 lucky folks!
Needless to say, my gluebook did not get opened this week.  My scissors and glue were on overdrive for this swap.  Perhaps later in the week I will be able to sit down with it and get a page or two completed. In today’s mail an envelope of green goodies arrived from a 10 green things envie swap I participated in.  Maybe I will create a green page using some of those goodies.

What do you do with unwanted gifts?  I know some people regift them.   I prefer to either donate or put them in a garage sale box as I am not a regifter.  What are your thoughts on regifting?


  1. LOVE your ugly mugshot!! :) My regret mug gets points off for cold coffee too... It's even cute.

  2. love the handmade envelope & ATCs!


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