Friday, August 16, 2013

Finishing Up Another Wonderful Week

Friday Finds

Step 1: Take over workspace

Step 2: Groom before napping

Step 3: Curl up and nap 
Meet Alistair, our Flame Point Siamese.  No, we did not find him but he helped me find a source of joy this week.  For you this may seem slightly trifle but finding myself laughing uncontrollably with joy was significant for me.  And before I elaborate, let me say that this week has been more joyous since.  I find myself laughing easier and enjoying the little things that I ordinarily would look over. 
Alistair’s favorite spot is the center of wherever I happened to be working.  It doesn't matter if it’s on the computer, in my art journal working with paint, or glue, he starts rubbing his head against my hand then proceeds to lie down on top of my workspace. On this morning, I was working in my new art journal and writing some personal notes.  I suddenly realized I had moved my composition book half off the table in order to continue writing while balancing it in my hand because he pushed me off MY table.  If you look closely in the photos, he is laying over the edge of the table on my composition book that I was trying to hold up.  No cares in the world, he simply wants to be wherever I am then gets himself comfortable and naps. 
The joy of laughter came when I took in the scene;  here he was on my table laying where I should be working and here I was, chair pushed back balancing my notebook in my left hand while trying to write with the other.  And he didn't care; he was comfortable and content therefore I should be too!  After I stopped laughing I had a difficult time taking the photos as I was trying to balance everything while holding my phone to shoot these pictures.

This is an earlier photo of him.

Love Link

Because I’m new to the blogging scene I haven’t been around long enough to have 5 most popular posts.  I hope you don’t mind that I bend the assignment a little so I can still join in.  Perhaps my post from a new blogger perspective will inspire someone to start their own blogging journey!
1.        The two books that helped the most in creating A Focused Journey  are Blogging for Bliss; Crafting your Own Online Journal and the How to Do Everything with series, Google Tools.  The problem was, both of these publications were outdated so I became frustrated when what I was trying to do on screen did not look like the photo instructions in the book. Even with that, these books were very helpful.
*I chose Google Blogger because I did not have an iPad or iPhone.  I was already using Picasa for my photos and Chrome for much my other stuff.  Then my husband gave me a Nexus 7 for Christmas so I decided to convert everything over to Google.
2.      I used Pinterest to help me find blogs that had the look and flow of how I wanted to set up mine.  I used these awesome sites for inspiration:
3.      Here I was learning how to post photos while learning how to edit photos on my phone through the Big Picture Classes’ The Phone Photography Project e-course
4.      This is the first post where I where I shared my inner thoughts.  It was a huge step for me.

5.      Here I took a huge leap of faith and shared my new art journal, Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul.  

What made you laugh this week?  Please share as I could use a lot more of them!


  1. Hi Diane, You have a lot of great information here. I'm going to spend some time with your links this weekend.

    I've had a joyous week too: I am refinancing my home for the second time (woo hoo! cutting original interest rate almost in half) and I just learned that my former home in Moore, Oklahoma was not destroyed in the monster tornado that flattened most of that city just south of Oklahoma City in May. I'm so relieved.

    See you!

  2. We've three that behave like Alistair-great photos. I enjoyed your post and took a moment to read some of your earlier ones, you've an obvious skill for writing. I am so impressed with art journals and will slip over to the right to your videos...then your blog links- it is always fun to explore this vast land of blogging...and sign posts are helpful like links. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Those links are great. I saved some of them for inspiration. I don't really art journal but have tried some painting. My big laugh for the week was hubby's dream. I posted about it here
    also the closet thing to art journalling I've done. I did the iphone project too! I'm about to check out your dark night.... (visiting from Friday Finds.)

  4. Cats can be so great, this post made me smile, Diane :-)
    Alistair is so so cute !
    Nice Sunday,


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