Friday, August 23, 2013

Another Fabulous Week Comes to an End

Friday Finds

Blue Moon, August 20th
Early morning mist rests on the nature park as the full moon hangs in the sky.

Early Wednesday morning my husband drew my attention to the full moon just as he was leaving for work.  I tried capturing its image in our backyard but I didn't want roofs and wiring in the photo.  I threw some clothes on and drove down the road to the nature park, praying it would be open.  I walked into this clearing and the view was breath taking.  The mist was still hovering above the grass and the sky held a certain yellowish-pink haze. What an awe-inspiring sight!
There was a lot of media talk over the occurrence of this full moon.  The Blue Moon is also known as the Full Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon or Full Red Moon.  We will not see it occur again until 2015. 
The Fireball Hibiscus came into bloom this week.

Through the living room window I spotted this lone red rose trying to bloom through the overgrown Ravenna grasses.

I am finding that by connecting to Friday Finds I eagerly seek things during my week to be grateful for.  Capturing them with a memorable photo is like sprinkles on top of ice cream.  It does not surprise me that it is the small things that bring me joy.  I always preferred small surprises to big gifts.  

 Love Link:

Mission this week is to share links to 5 favorite projects.

1.        File Folder Art Journal [VIDEO] How to Tutorial by Gretchen Miller at Creativity in Motion.  There is something about file folders that get me all giddy (must be the teacher in me).  I have a huge box of recycled folders and thought this would be a great way to bring them back to life.

2.      Make a table from an old stool by Kelsey at Tattered and Inked.  This is practical as we all have that little space where we need a little something but the space is too small to fit much of anything.  Besides, we can never have too many tables around to set our inspiring finds on!

3.      Collapsible Light Box For Those Short On Space And Cash at  There will be a time when I will need to make one of these.  Right now I am focusing on learning to take better photos.  This looks easy enough for even someone like me to make. 

4.      Rainbow Fabric Bowl by Wee Folk Art (you may have to hit the translate button).  I love these bowls but fear I do not have the patience to complete the project.  One day…

5.      Ten Dollar Ledges  by Ana White – Homemaker.  I WILL tackle this project (…one day).  Problem is woodworking is not my area of expertise so will have to enlist the hubby’s help.

*Bonus: DIY Survival Candles over at TEOTWAWKI Blog.  While this is more practical it should be on all of our to-do lists.  I have been saving odd jars for a while and forgot all about my plan to make these (we live in a tornado zone).  I will have to get my jars together and get the supplies.  You know how it goes: if I make them, we won’t need them but if I don’t make them, we will need them.

What favorite project do you have to share?  Do you have an unfinished project sitting in a corner somewhere that you could start completing?
My mission for you this next week; grab your camera (phone camera is best because it is always with you) and take at least one photo this week of something you are grateful for.  Come back and share it with me or start a digital photo album of your finds.  


  1. brava! You managed to capture the moon - not an easy feat!

  2. That moon caused a LOT of trouble for me at work this was a "you can tell there's a full moon" week! Glad you found it and made it pretty!

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful links I love the light box idea....

  4. Wow! the Blue moon looks awesome. I too had noticed the full moon but didn't know all this information about it . Unfinished projects! So many of them...Along with that Organizing and cleaning never seem to get finished.
    Thank you for your lovely words on my post. Will check that book.Yes, Living with a positive heart all time is a big challenge. Still we try...

  5. This is a lovely photo---a bright moment while I drudge through the want ads---thanks for the refreshment!


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