Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Glue it Tuesday

Creating a Full Moon Dreamboard.

I believe there is a power in a full moon that one can harness to help in achieving what you want for life. 

My negative thinking has gotten me into this deep pit and I’m trying desperately to get out.  The problem lies in the fact that I have all these wonderful tools at my disposal yet I don’t follow through on any of them.  Why is that?  This is where I am stuck.  This is the question I need an answer to and I don’t know how or where to get it. 
My dreamboard is a request to Spirit to:
·         Give me insight as to why I am not following through when I already know what steps I need to take.
·         Help me to live in alignment with my person truth.
·         Give me balance so I do only those things that align with my person truth.
·         These will lead to success in obtaining a career centered around my gifts and passions.

The crystal in the upper right corner was recently given to me by a very intuitive friend.  She gave it to me to help clear the negative energy that seems to be hanging around.   I looked up its metaphysical properties here and am amazed at the power it has.  I look forward to the wondrous changes in my future!

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  1. I understand where you're coming from oh too well Diane. I hope this beautiful board and your lovely crystal bring you the insight and strength that you're dreaming of. xx

  2. loving this. our thinking greatly determines how our bodies physiologically respond to external stressors. I think when we can focus on an internal locus of control we suddenly realize our potential and our calm.

  3. I have been there and honestly I struggle with this every day in some form or another. You are not alone! Beautiful and motivating dreamboard!


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