Monday, April 2, 2018

The 100 Day Project 2018

Have you heard about #The100DayProject?  This is a great way to take on that project or practice you find yourself putting off. 

Using a Pocket Sized Decomposition Book
I am joining for the first time with the support of an amazing tribe, Get Messy Art Journal Community.

What is your 100 day project? 100 days of creating collages in my "No Paint Required" pocket  sized Decomposition Notebook.
What does success look like for you? Ultimately, I would like to have 100 pages of collages, but the end goal is to get into the habit of creating every day.
What do you hope to achieve with the project? Make a habit of creating everyday.
Where will you be sharing?  #the100dayproject, #100dayproject2018, #nopaintrequired
How will you make sure that you reach your goal? I have printed a 100 day calendar to mark off each day when completed.

You can find these printable calendars HERE and HERE.

The official kickoff is April 3rd however the 100 days begins when you begin.  So... are you ready?
If you are joining in please leave the hashtags you are using in your comment so I can follow your journey and cheer you on.

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  1. I finally decided on my hashtag for sure this morning. I seriously thought I had another day to hammer it out, but realized yesterday that it starts today! Eek! Good thing I already had a few ideas of how I wanted to start. My hashtag is #altering100 as I attempt to alter something everyday for use in either my jewelry or mixed media art. Good luck on your journey in this project!!


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