Friday, February 23, 2018

Get up. Get Dressed. Paint: Seeing gold.

First painting completed in the book Release Your Creativity.  Found this assignment difficult having to work primarily with gold paint.

 There are four layers of gold paint with the white and red ink drips and splatters.  After the third layer I found myself growing tired of the process of covering up the previous layer and starting again.  The drying process for each layer tried my patience. 

The layers peeking through.

I created this canvas while working in the journal to give away for Art Abandonment.  I keep putting off dropping somewhere it as I worry no one will want it.  

Joining in at Paint Party FridayWhat color paint is on your fingers this week?


  1. It's good to accept challenges... and you certainly seem to have mastered this one.
    I have a tiny bit of gold on my fingers this week... but mainly green!
    Happy PPF to you :D

  2. Beautiful...very expressive and powerful message! Reds and golds are so powerful and striking!
    happy PPF
    Victoria #19

  3. If you grew tired, it doesn't show in your piece. I find in some pieces working with gold can be freeing.

  4. How fun! I love the message and your colour choices. Gold is a bit frustrating for me too.

  5. Very expressive painting. Nice.

  6. Great color combo! And good for you for getting through the challenge to the end. Not always easy when it's not going the way you'd like. Happy PPF!

  7. What a great quote - plus anything with gold gets my vote!

    Happy PPF from Number 34 :)

  8. Love the message, the freedom and the beauty of this piece of art!

    Happy PPF!!!

  9. Great sentiment.."the gold looks fab....happy ppf(#35)...x

  10. I agree gold is an over powering color but you tamed it in this beautiful piece of art.

  11. Love the message on your lovely art work.

  12. That book sounds interesting. It is sometimes hard to do something totally out of your comfort zone. I love the gold and red together.

  13. Wonderful message...pure gold!!

    Peace Giggles

  14. This painting is expressive, powerful and beautiful! I’m thrilled you shared my book and this particular project on your blog. Thank you for diving into “Release Your Creativity”! If you’d like to share further feedback or pieces of your artwork, I always love hearing from my readers. My website is:
    Happy creating!
    Rebecca Schweiger
    Author, Release Your Creativity


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