Sunday, December 13, 2015

Finding a way to Let Go of the monkey mind

What do you do when you have no focus, your mind can’t seem to stay with one idea long enough to make any connection?  You create a Letting Go art journal.

A friend who works in the school library looks out for books that are great for altering and passes them on to me.  Recently she came across these which were too old to be of any use to the students.  The Statistics book was the perfect size for this new journal. 

Instead of prepping the entire book I glued several of the beginning pages together, tearing out the page in between.  The first page was blue so I gessoed over it, then scraped it to thin out the gesso and create a smoother surface.

I was impatient for it to dry.  I knew I needed to get some paint down with no goal or idea as to what I wanted it to look like.  Just get something down!  I found myself getting caught up in finding the “right” paint color.  Noticing what I was doing, I made myself grab a tube and squirted paint on the paper before my left brain knew what was happening.  “No more thinking!  Paint.  Glue.  Paint. Glue.”

Do I like? No.  Did it serve its purpose? Yes.  I feel I can move on with my day and tackle that long list of things that I must get done.  Mission accomplished!

How do you handle your monkey mind when it simply won’t allow you to focus?

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  1. This is wonderful Diane! I can see how free you must have felt working on this! Love the books too -it's handy to have a friend in the library! You asked me about the backgrounds for my altered cards - I used pieces from an old palette paper, which is just a piece of deli paper that I use instead of a palette. I smudge any left over paint on it as well. I just ripped bits and pieces off it and arranged them in a random fashion.


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