Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WOYWW: painting & sewing this week

Tim Holtz Distress paint and yarn, love both of these and here I am putting them together.  The blank Rolodex card will be painted and sewn for the letter Y for yarn.  I keep my bits and pieces of yarn in that large zip lock baggie so cats won't play with it.  Most of it I have gotten in swaps or purchased as remnants on Etsy.
This is my favorite piece of yarn that I am sewing onto the rolo.   Do any of you know what type of yarn this is and where I can buy more?

This is a little different from my usual mixed media style but I do like it.  Here are the last few that I made for this series: 

The letter X was rather difficult.  I used a gelli print then some photos from an old botany book.

I will leave you with photos of me.  As soon as school lets out for the summer I schedule a much needed hair appointment.  My way of letting go of work and welcoming in the summer.


Joining up with What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday where desk snooping is not only allowed but all part of the fun!


  1. Love what you are doing on the Rolodex cards. The yarn is gorgeous! Hope you can find some more. From your tiny photo on the right I thought you had short hair :)
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 39

  2. Hi Diane happy index card idea...I believe I may have some of that yarn - no labels though and had it for years. Your hair looks super, nice waves. Have a lovely week RobynO#18

  3. Your hair looks wonderful! I suppose you normally have it tied up for work. Now there is freedom for your hair as well as holiday for you! Enjoy.
    I love that yarn too. It made a gorgeous card, that got the letter Y covered beautifully. Welldone you.
    Thank you for visiting,
    Have a great week,

  4. I love your card series - they are all lovely and the yarn on the top one is gorgeous - no wonder you want more of it! I have hair envy - long, blonde and luxuriously thick you lucky girl - mine is short, mousy brown and 'fine' which is a nice way of saying thin!! Thanks so much for visiting earlier, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #36

  5. love the yarn makes. I want your hair - it looks fab. Mine is short and fine/thin - I hate it. Happy WOYWW Anne x #22

  6. Hi Diane, I fully understand your end of term treat Lol! Your hair is gorgeous and I envy you for keeping it long. I have thick hair but keep it short because I am too lazy to look after it in a long style. The yarn you are using is called a boucle and you should be able to get it on Ebay. You asked about my Masterboards, I do occasionally copy them on my laser printer but obviously can only do A4 though we do have a local company that can do A3. I must say I should copy them more often than I do, it's a bit silly really that I don't. The metal word bands are by Tim Holtz. Have a great WOYWW, Angela x 30

  7. Hi Diane, I love your work! I've been thinking on getting a sewing machine but have to wait a little while :) (maybe Christmas lol) also thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. I'll be seeing you around :)

  8. Hi again,
    The UFO knitting is the start of a sock. Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced the pattern! Not unusual. I've since (yesterday) found another knitting UFO which I have started work on this morning, before work :)

  9. Wow your hair looks fantastic, loving the stitched items no idea on the Wool, we did discover a local Wool place recently and had a great tour around it was pretty amazing stuff!

  10. Hi Diane, thanks so very much for popping over even though not WOYWWing this week, seem to be MIA more often than not this year. Knew it was going to be full on though, and we'll agree with others on comments 1. Covered both Y Z well, love the Z clever indeedy,
    2. Love your hair too, mine is fine fair and in scant supply, too, but am grateful I have some, two friends have alopecia because of cancer treatment, so never bemoan our hair, I've learnt, but be grateful we have it... :)
    Shaz in Oz.x

  11. Hello Diane, Lovely to see a pic of you and your glorious hair. Great little pic of your mixed media project and I think I am a collector of xerophytes. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @24


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