Friday, June 26, 2015

Get up. Get dressed. Paint.

Taking part in Rae Missigman's SUMMER RE-RUN SERIES - 15 MINUTE FAVORITES

While I enjoyed the process this week, the final spread is “not me”.  What does this mean?  Still not sure what “me” is, what my style is but this journey that I am on has taught me that through practice and creating I will find that illusive “me”.  So I continue this practice knowing at some point the destination will be reached.

What I learned

  • A new technique to get color on the page: spray ink on deli paper then press it onto the journal page.  Instant bright color!
  • I don’t like look of scrapped paint on the top of images, I prefer it as a part of the beginning process, in the background.  

Paint Party Friday


  1. Cool idea about trying spray ink and deli paper and then rubbing it down. I will need to try that. I like all the colors in your page this week, and art is always a big experiment so one of these days your style will find you and you'll know it!

  2. Love the colors and the details that keep emerging as I keep looking!

  3. I simply love your work here, so full of bright delicious colors.

  4. It may not be you,but it sure is gorgeous and vibrant! I truly love it in all those juicy colours!! I guess ultimately it has to please you first though!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. oh yes! i agree to, "get up get dressed paint"

    have a nice weekend Diane

    much love...


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