Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Finds: having fun with the app Waterlogue

A special thank you to the many of you who have been supportive with your comments regarding my teaching frustrations.  Wednesday evening was parent/teacher conferences and I saw 4 (yes, that's right, FOUR) parents in three hours.  I can only say that the classroom in clean, filing caught up and papers are graded. Spring break begins today at 3:00 pm!

This awesome ATC arrived in my mailbox this week from Lisa (LoveToCraftInAZ).  Thayer is my oldest son’s name and as you can guess, hard to come by things with such an unusual name.  If you are wondering, it means “from the nation’s army”.  His father and I were both in the army stationed in Germany when he was born.  I am creating an altered book for him and this will have a special page created for it.  Many thanks Lisa!

Favorite rose, Tahiti Sunrise
 I have been envious of those bloggers out there using the app Waterlogue to create watercolor—like images with their iPhone's.  My hubby set up Dropbox for us so I can take photos from my phone, drop them in the Dropbox then use his iPad to play in the app.

I have this bumper sticker on the bumper of my car:
A couple of years ago someone placed this special note on my window shield one day while I was out shopping.  I ran across it this week and it made me smile all over again.

Like most pet owners, our pets make our life complete; the house just doesn't feel right without them. Thankful everyday for the gift of their presence. 

Cleopatra, Queen of the Universe


Allistair, the ADHD child

Sharing my week's finds with Kim at Friday Finds.  


  1. Diane, I love how every post you compose reveals so much about you - your home, art, family, and passions. Seems like you are having so much fun with the Waterlogue app - and I definitely have smart phone envy! Your pet pictures are so sweet -and the watercolor look is beautiful. I am in complete agreement with the little note left on your car - please convey our deep appreciation to your son.

  2. Watercolours are wonderful and your pets look fun. Have a great Spring holiday x

  3. That is wonderful that you found a way to play with the Waterlogue app. I very big favorite of mine. I always loved the water color look. That note is awesome!

  4. My son is a Marine too! Your watercolors are cool - I've got to check that app out.

  5. love everything here...... and bravo to you and your hubby for coming up with a way for you to waterlogue as well.....
    love your pretty pet photos.... xo

  6. The 'waterlogue' edits are wonderful, Diane !
    And your furry friends are so cute !
    Have a nice weekend,

  7. Loved this post. I just adore all your furry family members and the Watercolors of them are awesome. I want that app but I need a phone to use it so guess that's out of the question.

  8. I have to get a new phone next month and I plan on getting an iphone just so I can have this app.


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