Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Mugshots

This collaboration is a place to post photos of your coffee, tea or even beer mugs every Monday.  For me, it is a fun way to start taking more photos and pushing myself to post them out there for the world to see.  This particular mug happens to be rather special because John Davidson, who is no longer with us, gave it to me.  I happened to see him drinking out of it one day in the teacher’s lounge and asked him if he could get me one from the Marine recruiter.  I was surprised to see him at my classroom door a couple days later with this mug in his hand.    What makes it so different is that it changes from black to camouflage when a hot liquid is poured into it.  So John, this cup of joe is for you!    By the way, I am seated in my favorite chair in my office (don’t look at the mess) with my feet up on a rolling storage bench I reupholstered, reading Brave on the Rocks by Sabrina Ward Harrison.

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