Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Glue it Tuesday

Another page completed in my gluebook!  With the heat index topping 100 today, it was a good day to stay inside and get some creating done.  The theme for my page is “I want…”

Saturday’s mail brought 4 new magazines to pore over.  Now that I have started creating art journal pages and participating in Glue it Tuesdays, I have to control my impulse to start ripping photos out before reading the magazines all the way through.  In just about every one of them, I find something I want whether it is a scarf, pet toy, or new hair care product that will solve all my hair problems.  I know I don’t need them and most of the things are way beyond my means.  So I play this little psychological game with myself; I turn down the corner of the page then quickly move on to the next page.  By doing this I have given myself permission to just think about it. 

The problem comes when I go through the magazine the second time, when I do rip out the photos and pages I want to keep.  As I rip them out I put them into several piles: gluebook, art journaling, recipes I want to try, articles to save, and those turned down corner pages – the “I wants”.  My rule is when I finish tearing up my magazines, EVERYTHING gets put away.  This keeps them from getting out of control and ending up on every flat surface in the house.

I have a filing system created for each one of them, including that last pile which I separate again into 3 smaller piles:
·         things I am actually going to buy which can be purchased at a nearby brick & mortar store; these go in a small accordion file in my purse
·         things I am going to look into online; these go in a red folder on my desk
·         those things I will probably never get to buy but want to hold onto just in case; these go in a blue folder in my file cabinet

Almost always, I forget about the things in the blue folder but once in a while something will stay with me.  I took some of those things out and glued them onto the right side of today’s page. 

See those wildly colored shoes up towards the top?  They were featured in Oprah’s O List two years ago.  Every once in a while I will think about them.  I don’t know why but I really like those shoes!  The car is a Sebring convertible which I fell in love with one year at the Detroit Auto show.  Somewhere I have a picture of me sitting in a beautiful light green one.  And what girl doesn't want a cashmere sweater??? 

On the left side of the page are things I found in recent magazines.  The pink dress at the top of the page is so not me but for some unknown reason I am in love with it.  Too bad it costs $680!  I love spoiling my cats and those cat towers look like something they would love to play in.  If they were available in an actual store I would buy them.  The shipping costs made them not so affordable.  I love that camo jacket but I’ll leave it for someone younger to wear.  

So my question to you is, how do you handle all your “I wants”?  Do you turn down the corner of a page that has something on it that you want?  What do you do with it then?  

Perhaps you might start putting them in a gluebook!


  1. Your glue book is a wonderful place to put all those "wants" -- what a treasure trove to be able to flip through and have whatever you desire right at your fingertips. Kind of like having a mulit page dream board!

  2. fabulous pages and I love your system for organizing all your clippings!

  3. That's a good question. I'm so poor that I can't get the things I want... except for art supplies. Most of these wants go into Wish Lists on the internet, and I will buy, at one time or another. You're very organized! Good for you! {:-Deb

  4. I mostly put "ideas" in my glue book, for things where I like colour, pattern, style or something else about it. I am not a big buyer, instead I collect images and don't need to buy it all. Love your neatness though, so organized!


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