Saturday, August 12, 2017

Get up. Get Dressed. Paint.: Faltering with a new technique

Starting with a leftover paint painted & inked splotched page

I stumbled upon THIS art journal tutorial via Roben-Maria Smith's blog.  My interest was peaked as I watched artist Karen Gaunt use a palette knife to create the background.  I really wanted to try it!

Right away there was a problem as I couldn’t get an even layer of gesso on the page with the palette knife. Switching to a catalyst blade, what I’m used to, got the job done.

I went back to using the palette knife to spread the paint.  I simply did not like how it felt in my hand, gave up and went back to the catalyst blade.

I ran into a snag when she pulled out the Art Pops stickers as I don't have these.  A bit of a panic set in but then the idea of cutting up some painted deli paper would work (a technique I learned from watching Rae Missigman's videos).
I traced around a cardboard cylinder for the circles

Adding some of the same paint used in the journal background then making marks using
POSCA paint pens, these circles blend in nicely

I did not have the same Distressed Alphabet Rubber Stamps so I used these (know idea of the brand)

Beautiful messy aftermath!  In the right corner you can see the postcard I was creating at the same time.

Finished Journal Page

I altered the word from chance to change as I continue with the 52 Small Changes Challenge
HMPC for August.  As I pondered the word my partner needed , Spirit whispered, "DREAM".

What I learned

  • While I prefer to use the artist's products (it helps support them)  I simply can't buy everything nor do I have the room for it.  There is nothing wrong with using what you have to recreate the page.
  • On the postcard I did not paint enough black and the M was left hanging there.  I bugged me so I used a tiny brush to fill in around the M with black paint


  • In the lower right hand corner I had gessoed this black spot and hated it.  Using the same background paints I covered it up.


While using the palette knife did not work out for me, I learned a new background technique.   I encourage you to watch the video and give it a try then let me know how it works out for you.

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