Saturday, July 15, 2017

Get up. Get dressed. Paint.: fluorescent pink & lime page and painty papers journal

Starting with torn pieces of book pages and white gesso
My inspiration for today's spread comes from THIS Go Where Your Heart Takes You via Stampington & Company.  I wanted to use different colors from the red and black but couldn't decide which.  You can see I pulled out fluorescent pink, lime, sky, lemon, and black.  Often my intuition takes over and I end up using a color I didn't get out. But I had my mind set on using the fluorescent pink and black
Creating the layers before painting

The aftermath
My version using fluorescent pink, lime, and black.

This tiny green heart makes my heart swoon!

A reminder as I wait for my teaching assignment for the fall

Painty Papers Journal

Delicious painty mess!
 I had been wanting to join in with Rae Missigman’s Art Marks 30 Day Challenge but didn’t because of my commitment to completing all the unfinished journal projects I have started.  But I simply couldn’t ignore my desire to try it any longer, especially after stumbling on THIS post to easily create a mini painty papers journal by Art and Whimsy.
In my hurry to stitch the signature I left out this tag I wanted in the middle.   *sigh...
I made the journal 5x5 as that is as small as I am comfortable with.  And I only cut and stitched one signature giving me the opportunity to make any changes to the other signatures I might want to make once I have some experience with the challenge.

I have not decided on a cover.  I will either repurpose an old file folder or use some heavy cotton fabric.When I figure it out I will share what I make.

It's not too late to join in!  Here's the link again: Rae Missigman’s Art Marks 30 Day Challenge.  Let me know if you join in so I can follow you along.

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