Sunday, March 5, 2017

Getting out into the Fog

 I'm particularly draw to this barn with it's white peeling paint and unusual green tile roof.  Noticing the fog as it rolled in after an unusually warm January day, I had my husband drive by this farm so I could capture it before it disappeared as the fog quickly blanketed the field..  He pulled over and waited as I snapped a few shots while trying to avoid getting muddy from the potholes filled with melted snow and mud.

Several of my goals for 2017 include using more of my own photographs in my art and practicing my layering technique.  As easy it it from some I struggle with creating layers and covering up straight edges. I arrange and rearrange various papers, fibers and ribbons until my head screams, "It's not rocket science for goodness sake!"

And then Allistair showed up offering his ideas.

Completed piece

9 x 12 watercolor paper

The final layering

Joining in at Art Journal Journey with this month's theme: Out and About


  1. An amazing piece with your own photo - the layering is superb and I love the colors and textures! It's beautiful - and great that your red cat gave you advice -- well done ! This barn in the fog is just amazing and the quote fits the layout perfectly!
    Thank you very much dear Diane for such a wonderfu entry linked to Art Journal Journey!
    I wish you a good start into the new week!

  2. fabulous and texture in your layering--wonderful photo

  3. An awesome page using your photo of the barn in the fog.. The textures and materials you added to frame the photo look fantastic .
    It was fun to see your cat had to get in the photo as well.

  4. This is gorgeous. What a fantastic photo and you made a great background for it.

  5. Great mixed media piece! I'm looking for ways to incorporate my photography into art and this is a great way to do it.

  6. Lovely page with great use of different materials.


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