Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Starting off this week with a rather tidy desk as I joined the Grow Your Blog Party on Sunday.  I invite you to scroll down and peruse my post.  It is a fun and relaxing way to explore other creative blogs and get a glimpse of their work.  It took me quite a while and MANY edits to get my post the way I wanted it.  I was trying to keep it light hearted but I had just come off a week of giving final exams to my biology classes and trying to figure out final grades…stressful to say the least so I was too exhausted to add much humor.  Still, many awesome, encouraging comments.

I am trying to get the hang of The Documented Life Project.  I did not join last year as I simply was not ready for such a long term commitment.  I truly loved the look of the planner and envied the photos I saw posted on Pinterest.  This year they went with an art journal format but I had my heart set on the planner.  I waited until just before New Years to set it up then discovered I needed to purchase and watch a video to do so. The next hurdle was creating on such thin paper.  HUGE learning curve.  If you participated last year I could use any tips you may have.  I am discouraged with the paper crumpling as I paint on it.  Thinking clear gesso might work but I don’t care for the bumpy texture to write on. 

A question for all my fellow WOYWW deskers:  Do you have a set routine for how you set the stage when you sit down to create?   This question came to mind as I was working in my DLP planner last week  Almost of all of my creating occurs in the early morning hours so a mug of coffee is ALWAYs within reach.  I have Pandora Radio playing on the computer and one or more of my “assistance” lounging nearby.

Finding encouragement and loads of creativity within a wonderful group of creative people over at What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday


  1. Good luck with your planner! I've never done that so have no tips to share - sorry! I usually have my ihome going, with classical music on it. It's made my youngest truly appreciate good music and she can often tell which composer it is!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #5

  2. The planner experience puts me off DL.... I need to spend my time being creative, not preparing to be creative and the paper issue and the bulging book thing is too much for me. Pathetic, aren't I!! I usually settle in with a drink, a play or spoken book...pull out the stamps I think I'm going to use some stage, start!

  3. I am participating in DLP this year for the first time. I would not have done so if I had to use a planner as yes, the paper is too thin. Unfortunately if you need to use each page as a planner you can't use the trick of gluing pages together =/ Gesso is a decent idea but yet it adds 'tooth' Maybe try a different medium like liquid matte medium? Shel#55

  4. Good luck with your planner - when I've had to work on thin paper (ie: sketchbook project a couple of years ago) I always collaged with similar thin and delicate papers to keep the page light-weight or I used matte varnishes between layers of paint, pastels or inks - but you need to be careful the varnish doesn't make the inks/paints run if they are water based! Thanks very much for stopping by my desk earlier, I hope you have a great week and get your planner up and running.
    Diana #31

  5. All the best as you set out on the planner this year. Do I have a set routine? Well, not really. Usually I am aiming to make something with a purpose - a card for a special event, or a gift - so I rummage around in my brain for a few days, come up with a starter idea, gather the bits I need to make a start, then go for it. Of course, this often means I don't get the opportunity to learn new techniques or things... but I do what I can within the time I have (which is frequently very little!!)
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #33

  6. Hi I started last year but lost the plot in March when I went on holiday ! I was sticking thin extra sheet of paper over the planner pages or using undiluted acrylics not watercolours helped a bit ! Hope you find a good solution to the fragile pages ! Thanks for your visit Ali #21

  7. Hi Diane, I had to grin at the question you asked because you mentioned sitting down to craft and I don't think I ever do that. I am nearly always stood up because I am so easily distracted, it's a miracle I ever get anything finished. If I am making something with a time limit I am more organised with everything I need to complete the project before I start but more often than not I have several projects on the go at the same time as I often leave things for a while and then go back to them. Thanks for the visit and good luck with the journal, Angela x 35

  8. I started doing DLP last year but got way behind and it is not finished, hope you have more success than me. I like to get other work done in a morning then craft in the afternoon. Anne x #32

  9. Hello!

    I was not familiar with the Documented Life Project so had to check it out. It looks very interesting so hope that you find if a fun project! I don't have a 'set the stage' routine except I have my studio area and workdesk set up so that everything I need is at hand and what supplies I have are visually available. That allows me to be able to work without frustration when I sit down to create and I don't forget what I have, run out of necessities or buy dupllicates. I have learned over the years that keeping my workdesk and area organized helps me to be the most productive. :<)

    Wishing you a happy week!


    Barbara Diane

  10. Hi Diane .. I did DLP last year in the planner and loved it. I am doing tot again this but I'm not so keen on the format it's all a bit confusing to be honest with all the different elements... You don't have to do a class ... I haven't but you can learn a lot from the free tutorials. I have did the first 2 journal pages and then was given an a5 hard backed diary to use as a planner and much prefer to do that. I might continue with the journal sometimes .... As I hand bound some pink pig paper to make my own it seems a shame to not use it. Also I gave up trying to up load pictures onto their website .... Not smart phone friendly it's much easier on FB which is where it's folks post anyway Sooo much easier to like and comment too.
    Hope this helps if you have any question ... Just ask and remember .... It's supposed to be fun so enjoy

  11. Your space is lovely and I can see you are going to love doing the DLP... just make it your own! I start off my creative time by setting an egg timer with a LOUD bell for 20 minutes and I clean like a mad person for that 20 mintues, becasue I am a procrastinator whol also likes to start each project on a clean and organized workspace, but when I work I creat Chaos, so it's always a bit of a disaster and If I don't have a timer I could take 2 hourse to clean , so I crank up the music, set the timer and GO!... Just pop into my studio today and you well seee what I mean... grin. BTW... I love that you asked a question... it was fun sharing!
    scrapbook Lynne #69

  12. I think I am confused...I started documented life project this year and we aren't using the thin paper planners. It was suggested to use a Dylusions Journal and they even sell them on the site... Is this the same DLP you are working on?


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