Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 281

My desk this past weekend was covered with bits of Halloween and swaps in various stages of completion.  I am not much of a Halloween person (GASP!) but this year I decided to try and create some things.
Halloween ATC USA

This is my first Halloween ATC.  While coloring the pumpkin, Allistair decided I needed some assistance.  He proceeded to sit smack dab in the middle of my work then start playing in the paint water.  I was laughing so hard I didn't think this photo would come out!

ART: Letter K Rolo (Global)

ATC of ABCs: #11 (K)
To create the background I crumpled up white tissue paper then laid it out over top of the card which I had applied a heavy amount of glue stick to. I used a brayer to roll over it to make sure the tissue paper adhered to the card.  After it dried I tore away the excess paper.  I then sprayed the cards with Perfect Pearls Mists in turquoise.  While waiting for them to dry I covered some paper punch clouds with Aleene's True Snow.  This gave them texture and made them appear more "cloud-like" rather than being flat. I hand drew and cut out the kite - no small feat. After everything dried over night, I glued the pieces to the cards, stamped the letters then went over them with a gray Sakura Souffle pen.
 It's a Rainbow! - Black & Months of the Year ATC Series - October
 To celebrate the full moon in October, I created these ATC's for two other swaps.

ART: Letter L Rolo (Global)

Halloween mail art

Another Traveling Journal Round 6
This art journal was difficult to work in as it was made of thin notebook paper.  There was no way to paint in it so I was forced to use paper and glue stick.  The owl is from a napkin, I used Inka Gold Metallic Rub on the silk leaves to subdue their bright, cheap-looking color, added some quotes and my favorite photo of the scary tree I took over the summer.  Overall, not "bad", I would have preferred to have been able to paint a collage.  

I am having difficulty finding time for everything when so much of my time seems devoted to the continuous demands of the classroom. Blogging seems to have taken a back seat which I am not happy about and want to change.  It is not the writing so much as the editing of the photos that I find time consuming.  I need help in streamlining the process but have no idea as to where to go to get it. 

Joining up – rather late – with Julia over at What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday.


  1. I love that Allistair got in the act! So funny! My cat used to jump up on my desk while I was working and knock stuff off one by one until she made a space for herself. Such a fun memory you brought to mind! Your Halloween ATC is awesome. I am so far behind with stuff I haven't made a Halloween card yet. I love that holiday (no kids, just that I love the fun of the little ones coming and the decorations etc...). Your journal is lovely. I haven't tried doing anything with that paper, and am amazed that it didn't rip! Awesome fall colors. Thanks for your visit today, great way to start the day! Winnie #44

  2. Well for someone who doesn't do much haloween, you do a mean ATC.
    Had to laugh at the cat! Good job he didn't spill all the water over your work!
    Sorry for being late commenting. I got as far as 68 yesterday. Today I hope to visit everybody.
    Thank you for letting me have a peep of your workspace.
    Have a good week

  3. I love Allistair, he is one precious man to have around, he wants to participate in the art give him some paint and paper too. Gosh this has made me smile today and thank you for that. Must be something about the orange boys, mine loves water too, especially when we turn on the tap, he can't help himself. Have a wonderful week. Oh nearly forgot love the halloween art.

    Hugs Eliza, Yoda #8

  4. Thank you for visiting my desk - yes that Fiskars cutting tool is lovely, I hadn't used it much till I got my Perfect Layers tool and now I love using it, now I have worked out how to hold it so it is comfortable for me, I can use it with ease.

    Loving all of your ATCs and Halloween projects. Here in the UK we don't really do much for it especially as we don't have children. I live in a small close again where there are no children so I doubt very much we will get any trick or treaters

    KraftyKaren #69

  5. Oh, what an interesting work space, cat and everything! Love those ATCs and that Art Journal.
    Just so much going on! And Allistair is great! Thank you for visiting my space earlier! #77

  6. So many intriguing things on your desk and for a minute I wondered how my Thaddeus got on your desk, LOL


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