Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Finds

Rose of Sharon
The unthinkable happened…yes I did it… I bumped my coffee mug and coffee spilled all over the keyboard as I was blog surfing.  Alas, I now HAVE to purchase a new laptop, something I have been putting off for 6 months or more.   Unlike most people, newer technology does not make me quiver with excitement.  No… I hate the learning process of taking on newer programs, having to discover the ins and outs in the midst’s of trying to get something done. 

My Language of Flowers journal made it home to me this week.  Not yet completed but it was fun to get a glimpse of it's pages, the art and creativity of other journalers.  This is the first journal that has made its way home.  Two other are lost, sitting somewhere in the unknown…I have not given up that they still might find their way to me. 

As the coffee brews, I find myself smiling at these morning glories, climbing my favorite trellis, opening towards the early morning light.  I didn't plant them, they simply return every year, filling the trellis with their blooms.

I find myself missing the sunflowers I usually plant along the fence.  I simply could not find the energy to do it this year. I must find a way to push myself next spring to get the seeds into the ground.  I miss the joy they brought me every time I pulled into the drive.

In July these Croscosmia (Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora ‘Lucifer’) bloom in the front of the house.  Years ago I saw them in a public garden and fell in love with their fiery red blooms.  After much research I discovered their name then set out to buy them.  I purchased the corms from an independent gardener on Ebay, planted them in the fall then eagerly awaited their arrival.  I was not disappointed.  Five years later they have spread and filled the bed. 

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your laptop tragedy. How awful for you! Hope you get it all sorted out without too much pain. Lovely, lovely photos. I've never seen a pink Morning Glory before. We have deep purple ones over here, but the deep pink is gorgeous, and how lovely to have it growing of its own accord. Hope you have a great weekend. All the best, Bonny

  2. Oh bad luck but it does happen I have banned myself to having drinks to near the laptop !!!

  3. oh darn it! I"m always warning my kids to not do that! I'd love to see a peek inside your journal - it looks so pretty and interesting

  4. Oh no...that is so sad about your laptop. I do have my freak out moments about that since there is quite often a cup of tea near my keyboard. Yes, you need to bring your sunflowers back next year because they brought you joy.

  5. Those fiery red blooms are absolutely stunning! So sorry about your coffee and laptop...ugh!

  6. I think I'll check into getting one of those red flowers for my garden, thanks. I'm surprised your sunflowers don't volunteer every year. Maybe the birds eat every last seed. I love your morning glory shot, perfect! I'm in need of a new laptop, perhaps I should drink beside it every day.

  7. oh dear... on the laptop..... but I bet you will knock the socks off the new one...and breeze right through.... :)
    beautiful flower photos... i love sunflowers too...and love your morning glories..... happy weekend....


  8. That is terrible news, but seriously I would love shopping for new computer and or toys as I call them but I am a tecno junkie LOL So sorry to hear what happened. Glad also to see that one journal came back, this is what happens with collaborative efforts, sometimes people say they have posted and have kept it and then say the post has taken it. This is why I love tracking mail. Beautiful flowers in your garden, so striking, enjoy them while they flower, we are in winter here and the only flowers out are the camellia's and occasional clivia's. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs Eliza

  9. Love your search and find of those amazing bulbs ....


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