Saturday, July 19, 2014

This Week’s Challenges

Light and editing continue to be source of frustration for me.  Because I do most of my creating before the sun rises, my office is dark except for the artificial light coming from the desk lamp or ceiling light.  Because the colors and shadows come out all wrong I can’t take any good photos of my creative process.  Any advice you can offer would be deeply appreciated!

Summer of Color:  Week 5

No title for this one as of yet.  Looking for suggestions.
Color pallet for that week was Red & Royal Blue with a Smudge, Splash or Pop of Light Blue.  I missed this week because of the boys all coming home for our family reunion.  I decided to do a mixed media collage that was more on the challenging side this time.  I went to my Mixed Media Mayhem board on Pinterest and found this canvas to use use as inspiration.

Birds misted with Fireworks! in Summer Sky

Seize the day outlined with Liquid Pearls & ACTION colored with Sakura Gellyroll Stardust pen in red

Stamp colored with Sakura Gellyroll Stardust pen in royal blue

Ferro Special Effect Paste in Graphite

Inka Gold Metallic Rub in Lava Red on edge; VIVA Modeling cream  in Pearl used for flourishes

Journal52: Week 28 Technology

This was easy for me because when I took the Big Picture’s Cell Phone Photography course last summer, a whole world opened to me and I've been snapping photos like crazy ever since.  This is me this past February when I was celebrating my birthday with the hubby at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens Conservatory. 

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt

 Captured two photos on the list:

#3: Birds on a wire
 This one continued to elude me.  Birds can easily be found hanging out on the wires during the winter but not so much during the summer.
#21: Me with something representing the season (summer in the midwest)

I wasn't sure how this one was to be captured: can someone take this of us or are we to take a selfie?  Let me know if I need a do over. 

Big Picture Classes The Phone Photography Project 2:  Day 1 Light

Experimenting with angles and types of light.
retroCamera App: pinhole camera
I took all of these this morning.  I found that while I noticed the morning light, I never truly examined it while inside the house.  I desperately need to work on editing to enhance the light rather than focusing on contrast and brightness.

Little  Photo App

Noticing the shadows

Love the light shining through the wine bottles

light & shadows cast indoors

light streaming  through the windows of the front door 

Allistair's silhouette  
It was a busy week playing catch up.  This was good as it helped alleviate missing the boys. 

Any guidance and/or professional advice is warmly welcomed.  Please don't hesitate to leave a suggestion in your comment.


  1. No advice to give just applause!
    I love stopping by to see what you've posted.

    I so love your art journal pages....they make my fingers itch to create some of my own.
    I did a bit of drawing and colouring this week as my 'artist date' for week one of The Artist's Way.
    I want to do more more more!

    And the photos - so good.
    I especially like Alistair's shadow.
    Feels like....the beginning of a story.

    Have a great week ~p

  2. Light is so very interesting and complex when you really start looking at it. I am taking The Digital Scrapper's class on Natural Light, so interesting. My husband and I are watching them together which is usually only before we go out to shoot together. They are life time access so no hurry.


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