Friday, July 25, 2014

Find joy in the small discoveries.

I am focusing on the small joys found throughout the day, nothing purchased, just small events that make my heart beat with happiness.

Going for a walk yesterday with the hubby & Cleo, this butterfly was fluttering near the sidewalk.  Its unusual shade of blue gave me joy.

Got milk?
As I was eating my morning bowl of cereal while watching Good Morning America, all 3 cats decided to watch me in hopes of getting a few licks of the milk.  I laughed with joy at the comedy of the scene.

This is me, wearing flowered rain boots.  Looks pretty sexy with those capris, don't ya think!  It wasn't raining, I was  afraid of running into a snake.
After over a year of driving past this green barn every morning to school, I finally made the opportunity to stop and photograph it.  A green barn is a rare sight, I was not disappointed.  The peeling paint, missing boards, signs of life from a bygone era, it is this type of photography that brings me joy.

Allistair always makes me laugh.  He is a typical Siamese cat; forever getting into mischief, always looking for something to get into, making a toy out of anything that moves (or doesn't), climbing and knocking things down…  After a full morning of mayhem, I discovered him in the chair, like this, dreaming I’m sure of more things to get into. Having cats has always brought me joy.  The house simply feels empty without them.

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  1. Cats are such great companions yours look full of fun...

  2. i love your barn pretty. I am just on the other side of 50 now as well and find i am so much more content than I used to be. It's not that I have any many ways I have less. It's that I am happier with what I have.

  3. Love your moments of joy! Another great use for rain boots, snake protectors :) And oh yes to the green barn!

  4. Oh my .., the butterfly looks so beautiful! I love also the turquoise barn door - a lovely capture! It's wise to wear wellies on the high grass, I'd definitely do the same .., and those cozy mornings with cerials, morning bt and cats sound like a good life to me!
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Ahhhhh. Lovely.
    I adore the boots.
    I am wearin my wellies these days to beat the mosquitoes...they seem extra vicious and PLENTIFUL this year.

    Have a great weekend ~p

  6. Aren't they funny pets especially cats always up to something, love the shot of them waiting in hope of milk. But Allistair he looks so comfortable. I love the pictures of the barn, I travel past one on the highway sometimes when going to Geelong and I so must like you take shots of it. I has graffiti all over it and tin, nothing like yours that has amazing paint peeling and total character. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  7. I am new to your blog and simply loving it! Your photographs are stunning and all of them spoke to me. Thank you for sharing them. I have a kitty as well, who seems to ill tonight and has me very worried, I cannot wait to call the vet first thing and hope all will be well. The picture of your three hoping for some cereal milk is so precious! They really do bring so much joy and happiness, don't they? Thanks for a lovely post.


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