Friday, June 6, 2014

Sharing my weekly finds

 I am looking forward to the 2014 Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt.  I participated last year and had a great time driving around hunting for each of the challenges.  On the weekends the hubby and I went on short road trips, he drove while I snapped the photos.  Last year I was able to find all 21 challenges including the 2 bonus photos.  I have the list and found 2 of the photos yesterday.  
#5:  A rack of postcards
#2: garden gnome
I also enrolled in the sequel to The Phone Photography Project over at Big Picture Classes.  This time last year I knew nothing about using my phone to edit photos.  It introduced me to a wide variety of phone apps to edit and take photos.   I am amazed at how much this one class changed the way I use my phone to take photos! looking forward to new discoveries this year.

The early blooming peonies and the Siberian iris came out this week.

My Fringe tree is gorgeous this year!

For reasons unknown, I love gloxinias. While waiting to pick up photos at the photo counter I noticed this beautiful purple one just sitting there on the counter.  I figure my angles had it deposited there just for me to find!

Sharing my fabulous finds with Kim at Friday Finds.


  1. I did the camera phone class last year I'm not sure about this year though, too little time too many classes... Have a great weekend...

  2. Gorgeous blooms, and I love the gnome.

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  4. oops...too many typos...let me try again. Peonies and iris ... what could be better?

  5. The fringe tree is intriguing. I haven't seen that before. The photo challenges sound so fun. Enjoy your summer with your camera :)

  6. Those photo chaææenges are inspiring! I'm also joining the Phone photography project - we'll meet in class, Diane :)


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