Friday, February 21, 2014

Unusual finds in the Literate Bookstore

Last week for my birthday the hubby and I drove to Ann Arbor to see the Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Conservatory.  Call me a geek but when I visit a city I like to stop in at the local bookstores, especially the independent ones.  After driving around several blocks to find the place then searching for an available parking spot, we finally were able to walk into Literati ; a quaint but obviously college town type bookstore.  Most of the titles were not the run-of-the-mill Top Ten Bestsellers you normally see.  I recognized very few of the books, most of which had curious and eccentric titles.

Here are some of my finds:
1.        Remember Pat the Bunny?  Here is a very different take on that book.  Who comes up with this stuff????

2.      This one caught my attention simply because I taught botany for 6 years.  Good thing I didn’t know about this book back then!

3.      I believe most of us wished we could erase a time or event in our life.  For me it was the 80’s, big glasses, big frizzy hair, shoulder pads….   Can we please just pretend the 80’s never happened?

4.      I'm thinking I want to know where he is working at now so I make sure I don’t eat there.


5.      Who comes up with these titles?

All was not lost.   I did find these 3 which looked more like my type of book.  I have to confess; I’m a sucker for a cute kitty so if there’s one on the cover chances are I will pick it up and look at it.

What makes you pick up a book; the picture, the title, or the color of the cover?

A thank you to a fellow Friday blogger:

Someone wrote about finding a green Yankee candle not that long ago.  When I happened by a Yankee Candle shop, I remembered reading about their find and went in to check it out for myself.  Problem was I couldn’t remember the name of the scent, only that it was green.  No problem as they were having a sale!  After smelling every green candle in the place, I purchased these plus two others that smelled intoxicating.  So whoever you are, I thank you for sharing your find!

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  1. I only read on the Kindle, so I guess I'd have to say I read the reviews and then get a sample to see if I think it's my kind of read. I do love most anything by Alice Hoffman.

  2. i would say to me ... a book is most important. but what draws you in is the picture on the front. if it is eye-adorable than you are going to pick it up for sure. guess color of the cover goes with that too. animals always help for animal-lovers. i love a good title or something funny too! ( :

    i love candles. & got beach walk at the beginning of February because they had a sale.

  3. LOVE those hilarious books...would totally have been tempted by The Drunken Botanist :)

  4. I think I would love this bookstore - I'd probably get lost there for hours. Your take on some of these books had me giggling - and I am so with you on the 80s. Lucky for me I was busy with young kids during that decade, and somewhat oblivious to fashion.

  5. I just wish those Yankee Candles weren't so expensive! Great that you stumbled upon a sale. :)

  6. It was me with the candles. And it was called Happy Spring. I love all the books you found. Indie Book Stores are the best. I am first drawn to the picture on a cover and then the font.


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