Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Finds

This week was a mixture of stress, anxiety, sickness, time with family, and relaxation (less of the later than I would have liked).  Imagine my surprise when I came home to find an unexpected box waiting for me on the front porch after a long day of teaching.  Inside were these wonderful items from my swap partner from Fill an Envie with 10 Yellow Things!
This is a scene from the patio of my aunt & uncles cabin.  The early morning fogs slowing sweeps across this small lake filling me with awe and melting away the built up stress.I  t could be my Breathing Space photo found in Oprah's O magazine.

Did you have any wonderful finds this week; anything that melted away your stress or delighted you in some small way?

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  1. How wonderful to receive a little package like that - a real day-brightener for sure! And that view of the lake is stunning!


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