Saturday, August 3, 2013

Link Love: Five Favorite Tutorials

One of my goals for entering into the blogging world is to push myself outside of my comfort zone and expose myself (thoughts, issues, art journaling, photographs…) to others.  I stumbled upon this challenge as I was reading through some of my favorite blogs.  

Mission #1: Share links to 5 of your favorite tutorials:

11.        Unique Lace Watercolor: I am always on the lookout for different techniques for creating background pages.  I like this one because it is simple and I only have to purchase the adhesive spray which I can buy at my local craft store using a coupon.  I like it when the idea is inexpensive and I don’t have to special order any supplies.
22.      Tutorial on Mixed Poppies: I love poppies!  Anything that has them in it I am attracted to.  When I found this tutorial I had to try it myself.  She used a special textured magenta paint which I didn't have so I improvised and used gel medium.  I did not have the butterfly punch either so I used a gel stamp then cut them out.  I made postcards instead of the tag for a PC swap I had entered.  When I create this again I want to use red with yellow for the poppies. 

33.      Altering papers with Citra Solv: I know what I said about not liking to purchase special stuff but this seemed so fun I didn't mind ordering the Citra Solv (I purchased it through Amazon as it was cheaper).  I found several boxes of National Geographic’s in a waiting-to-be-thrown-out pile at school.  I hauled them home with this tutorial in mind.
44.      Art Journaling in Three Phases:   When I first started art journaling I didn’t know anything about layering.  I couldn't understand why my pages looked so kindergartenish.  This tutorial was an “Aha!” moment for me.  I used her Sunflower Kaleidoscope as  an inspiration for these postcards:

55.      Junque Journal Introduction: After seeing this video I HAD to make one! It was very therapeutic.  I am using the journal to stow all the snail mail I have received via my swap groups at swap-bot.  
                             You can scroll down and see the entire journal.
Special thanks to Daisy Yellow for this inspirational idea.  Do you have any tutorials that are inspirational?  Please share the link in the comment section.  

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