Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Inspiring End to the Week

Friday Finds:  Playful hummingbirds and napping together.

I was catching glimpses of this hummingbird for several days.  Before I could get to the window to get a better look it would be gone.  On this day there were two, perhaps a pair, frolicking in the garden, seemingly playing a game of tag.  My wonderful husband went out on our porch and snapped several photos hoping to at least get one of them in a photo.  I have never seen two humming birds together and it was an exhilarating experience watching them playing together.  I still smile when I think about them.

My teenage son has a habit of falling asleep on the couch after working a long shift.  On this day, his cat Kiri decided to nap with him.  My moving around to click this shot woke her up and she let me know that I had interrupted some important napping.
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Link Love August Mission #2: Five Topics I Find Interesting

In developing my list I did not have to go very far to find what interests me.  I went straight to my Pinterest boards.

1.       Blogging Inspiration: this post What I Learned the First Year by Julie at White Lights on Wednesday helped me make sense of the blogging world.
2.      Career Advice:  The Daily Muse is a great place to stop by on a weekly bases to keep your work skills sharpened.
3.      DYI: I love learning about other people’s adventures (and mishaps) while doing DYI projects.  For inspiration and how-to's, I enjoy following Pam at Our Adventures in Home Improvement.
4.      Garden art and gardening: Flea Market Gardening discusses everything from fairy gardens to making garden sheds.  If you want to learn to make your garden more your own, this is the place to go.
5.      Inspirational advice and practical tips for life: I enjoy reading Marc and Angel Hack Life.  In fact, I just finished reading their post 7 Questions to End Your Week With. Stop by and read it, I guarantee you will be inspired too.

For more inspiring topics, stop by here to see what other bloggers are inspired by.

What topics do you most like to read about?  Is there a website or blog you follow on a regular bases that you would like to share with me?  Please leave a link to it in the comments section.



  1. Your son looks like he is enjoying his nap. Interesting read on the blogging inspiration.

  2. Great son and cat photo. Wonderful.

  3. I've found that the hummers in my yard are very territorial! They will chase each other off from the feeders. But watching them is soooo addictive. And both your son and the kitty look very content.
    Visiting from Friday Finds.


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