Monday, July 22, 2013

Catch-up Monday

Monday MugShot: red, white, & blue
I did not plan this photo this morning except I noticed that while I was doing my morning reading I was sitting at a red table cloth with a white candle, I only lacked something blue.  I poured my coffee in a blue mug and the theme was complete!

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon this photo challenge on Pinterest.  It immediately peaked my interest but my inner critic shouted, “You don’t know how to take good pictures”, and “You don’t know how to edit”…  I really wanted to try but that inner critic continued to make me doubt myself.   After turning it over for over a week I decided to take the plunge. 

Giddy with excitement I spent the last two weeks photo hunting.  I've learned two things thus far:  If you stop looking for an item and just enjoy yourself, the item will pop up unexpectedly, and once you find the photo you are looking for, a second and possibly a third will present itself. 
Editing is a problem for me, thus the reason for having not shared any of the photos I have taken.  I solved this problem by signing up for an online course, The Phone Photography Project.  Every day we are assigned a photo challenge and introduced to several different apps we can download on our phone to make photo editing easier and picture taking more fun.  I like the class but I let myself get behind and now I am playing catch-up.   After the course is completed I want to create a photo book like the ones offered at Snapfish. 

Here are some of my photos for the scavenger hunt:

Item #1: Open air market
I took an afternoon driving around Flint, the Farmer’s Market was my first stop.  Easy first photo.

Item # 2:  Theater for performing arts
I took another afternoon to walk around downtown Flushing.  I actually forgot this was here!  I had already taken a photo of inside Bower Theater but with its empty stage it wasn't that interesting of a shot. 

Item #3: City Hall
I had fun with this shot as a couple happened to have just gotten married when we pulled up to the Bay City, city hall.  I had just down loaded the app Picframes so I was able to create this collage.

Item #6: Someone or something taking a nap
Meet Alistair, my Flame point Siamese cat.  He often sleeps like this, covering up his eyes from the light.  Here he is napping in my office chair while I am working on my art journal. 

Item #7:  A sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny
Discovered this sign in Logger’s Depot in West Branch on our way back from a wine tour of Grand Traverse.  I found the idea behind the sign hysterical!

Item #10:  A bench that is outside
I had already taken a picture of this bench


 when I stumbled upon this obviously neglected and unused one along the river walk in Flushing. 

Spending tomorrow taking more photos and working on my editing skills.  Look for another post of my scavenger hunt finds.  

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  1. I love it when I shot falls together like that! Thank you for sharing with us at Monday Mugshots!


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