Friday, July 31, 2015

Stop Pinning & Make Something! August Link party

How many pins have you actually made from your Pinterest boards?  Our boards are full of inspirational ideas and projects we want to make "some day".   It’s time to Stop Pinning and Make Something!!
To get people creating!  Get out those paint brushes, that saw & sander, open the varnish, unpack your knitting needles or crochet hook!  Let’s make one of those pins sitting idle on your Pinterest boards. It can be as small as learning a new technique for creating ATC's to as big as making a garden shed!  Your pins are your limit.

Project: Gelli Prints
Pin:  HERE
When I started the Documented Life Project 2015 I noted most of the artist used gelli prints in their work. Since following Rae Missigman's 15 Minutes of Mixed Media© I noticed she incorporates her gelli prints in her art journals.  I wanted to try but the investment for an 8x10 gelli plate was steep, especially if I didn't like it.  I found this at my local Hobby Lobby:

First attempt:

Not as successful as I was hoping for 

Paint colors

Using a stencil along with the video

messy desk!!

The paint did not come through the stencil at all like it did in the video.  I ended up with a gloppy mess while her's came out neat.

Sometimes the paint just didn't transfer onto the paper.

Just a mess!

 I made an art tag from the one decent print:

 I added some doodling with gel pens before decorating it.

 Second Attempt:

I moved to the kitchen island so I had more room to work and put the completed wet prints.

Started off with a disaster!  The cardstock stuck to the plate.  I figured the matte medium was the culprit so I washed the plate and started again. I watched her use it in the video without these results so I am not sure why this happened.  I assumed she used it to extend the paint and keep it from drying out so quickly.  Now I'm not sure. For the rest of the prints I did not use it.

 Added the stencils to the plate just as she had done

Obviously NOT with the same results!

Batch 1:  stamped then made prints

Batch 2:  Painted then added stenciling using makeup sponges

Not a "failure" but obviously need more practice.  I did not find these to be as fun to make as Rae does in her posts (HERE)  but am  not going to rule this out completely.  I am hoping to find a fellow artist that lives close enough who is skilled at creating these to help me out.  Until then, I will stick to simply painting and stenciling.  

It's Your Turn!

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Paint Party Friday


  1. Oh I think your results are wonderful! I love the overlaps! Definitely want to focus more on doing art myself as well...

  2. wonderful to see your artful fun!

  3. Fabulous prints. I love all your bright and beautiful colors.

  4. Oh you have some lovely prints here! I think it just takes some time to get the feel for how much paint to apply and all that stuff, but these pages look great! I loved seeing your messy fun. :)

  5. I love your pages they are gorgeous!! Well done. You are so right about pinterest...I think it only makes people feel more inferior... I have not been much into pinterest myself... I pinned several things when it first started then didn't bother... You are so right....get creating!! Wonderful tag too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Love your experimenting. I am addicted to making gelli prints. Love the papers - even the oops ones. Great idea to actuallyuse the inspiration on pinterest - too easy to just pin. Willhave to get inspired.


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