Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

This was a busy crafting day.  The desk was overflowing with cards I decided at the last minute to make for the anniversary ATC exchange. Making 16 cards proved to be warring.  The gluing magazine, if you are wondering, is an old magazine I glue and paint in so my under-paper stays cleaner.  I do not always remember to use it.  

Grades were due for the 7th Marking Period and I had to leave the confines of my crafting room to work on the dining room table. Many of these papers are late so it takes longer to get them graded.  I have to try to remember the answers, figure out how many days late it is then calculate the penalty points.  Grading papers is one of my least favorite teaching duties!   My seniors will be gone this week.  Right now we are preparing for final exams.  3 weeks to go!

I had an unexpected visitor in my craft room.  I was sitting at the computer and he landed on my screen.  Having been stung by a yellow jacket  before, I got up rather quickly and started searching for something to use to capture him before he decided to sting me.  Had the neighbors been up and looking out the window they would have seen quite a sight; me throwing the door open and tossing this glass out into the yard while rapidly retreating back into the house.  My concern is where there is one bee there are sure to be more!  I fear there maybe a nest in the attic, which is on the other side of the door in my craft room.
Yes, you are seeing correctly, a sewing machine!  Last week's DLP challenge was to add stitching to the page.  I admit, I had to get the user guide out to get it threaded.  Once I got started I had so much fun sewing the ribbon and material to the deli paper. I have been wanting to add stitching to my art journals for a while but for whatever reason kept putting it off.  Definitely will adding stitching more often!  My goal is to learn free motion stitching.

Tags I created for a tag journal swap.
 I created 16 ATC's for the Anniversary swap.  Please leave a message if you would like to swap.

Joining up with What’s on YourWorkdesk?Wednesday where desk snooping is not only allowed but all part of the fun!


  1. oh no I hope you can find the nest and get rid of it, nasty being stung. i once had 24 bees sting me at once, I slept for 24 hours straight, didnt think to go to the Drs did I. Luckily I found out I wasnt that allergic, just very sleepy.
    Bridget #2

  2. o no i hope you find the nest and get rid of it i hate all flying crawly things i am thinking of investing in fly screens for every door in the house!

    Happy Woyww! Have a great week :)
    Charlie.x #11
    or find me here

  3. Hope it was a lone bee ... nothing worse then a nest or swarm. Lovely sewing on your journal page.
    sandra de @32

  4. Hi Diane, had to smile at you needing the booklet to thread your machine! You are not alone, I've had mine for years, and use it so rarely, I still have to get the manual out to thread mine. I've just found your email addy on Google+, so I'll email you my addy, if you send me yours, I'd love to swap. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #20 xxx

  5. I bought a sewing machine a few months ago and it sits still in its box - I'm almost afraid to use it! Love your tags and journal page. Great idea about using the magazine for gluing! I have a ton of those. #46

  6. Love how the page turned out with the stitching! Keep that sewing machine out - you'll love playing with it. Also love your tags...aren't tags the greatest? Now, I'm worried about the bee situation too--I would have done the same thing. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #43

  7. Oh my, sewing on artwork is seriously impressive. I think I would struggle to thread my machine up even with the manual, lol. Your tags are gorgeous.
    I don't envy you all that marking, sounds like hard work. Nearly the summer hols though!!!
    Hugs Lisax #48

  8. Here's hoping it's a stray yellowjacket. Ugh. Meanwhile, oh look, you've gone all sewy like Elizabeth. Your pages look wonderful. It just took a nudge from a challenge and now you're off and at it!
    I'd like to swap please, but don't expect too much of me!

  9. Had to laugh at Julia's comment, because it's common knowledge I don't sew fabric, but sew paper to paper. I simply adore that deli paper and stamps you used. They are brilliant.

    Sorry to read about the bee. My fear is always a wasp or big spider. I've been stung by bees and the bites have swollen up, but I was well the next day, at least. Let's hope they are not living in your attic.

    Diane, I made thirty two ATCs and kept three to send to friends here in the States and one to send overseas. The rest went to Julia in time for the crop. So, I'm afraid I have no more to send, and I'm sorry, but I'm not planning to make any more. Had I known in advance, I would have saved one for you.

    thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  10. Your cards look SO pretty! Glad you caught that scary invader! Last year we had a nest under our kitchen window and had to call someone out to remove it. Scary stuff!

  11. Well, I'm guessing that yellow jacket insect is like a wasp, so, not nice! Hope you get them sorted out quickly!
    Thanks for your kind words on my post and for taking a look at my recycled bottle :)
    Yes, I would love to swap ATCs! Just send me your postal address and I will do the same :)

  12. Thanks for your visit earlier. I LOVE stitching on my art journal pages and do it all the time... I'm behind on DLP and have to start working on the 'fabric' prompt... looking forward to that (ánd the stitches!) Keep the sewing machine near and you will find yourself using it more often! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #35

  13. Hi Diane, thank you for visiting me yesterday, at my blog - and for the encouraging comments.
    I like the tags you made - very pretty - and especially the one with that great quote from Richard Bach. And yay for trying new things! The stitched panel looks good and I hope you continue to learn, so you can master free-motion sewing. Just don't put the machine away too well, so it's handy when you think of using it again.

  14. What a busy looking desk you have - a gluing magazine, what a great idea - I shall definitely be doing that, as I seem to waste so much paper! I love the stitching, and the image of the butterflies is beautiful - it looks really good on the deli paper. Thanks so much for stopping by my desk earlier, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #30

  15. I need to pinch your gluing magazine idea - great concept!

  16. I'm impressed with the sewing and it is something that I have been wanting to do on my journal pages too, love the tags. Don't like the bee, you are correct where there is one there is another. Take care and get someone else to hunt the bees.

    Don't be to harsh on the grades

    Have a great crafting week.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  17. Hi Diane. Having recieved your email I had to hunt you out to see who I would be swapping ATCs with ;-) You don't apear to have left me a comment so I was a little puzzled but my theory is a friend is just a stranger you've never met and I'd really love to swap with of course I see you have a sewing machine on your desk today and they work like magnets to me. Good luck with learning to free machining [shout if I can help/advise].
    Annie x #12

  18. Lovely crafting space!

    Yellow Jacket! I admit to being a complete specieist when it comes to them. I think the neighbors have lost track of the number of things we've tossed out of the house to retrieve later when the contents have scuttled off lol.

    Love those tags! An idea for storing your 12 x 12 stencils is an inexpensive top loading scrapbook album. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. #53

  19. Love the tags and journal pages..I'm a thread-a phobic...but do love it in others art. Good luck with the nest; we get wasps in our finished basement from the furnace vent....and unlike you..I'm not a catch and release gal. Their container becomes a gas chamber. Yay Raid!
    Thanks for Nephew's accident happened on Mother's day..when she took him to a new skateboard park...he's 9..this will be a long summer for both of them....

  20. Having looked it up, your insect is a variety of my most hated creature - a wasp. They do not seem to have much purpose in life other than to sting without warning or encouragement - nasty, spiteful, vicious creatures. We have had loads of the queen so far this year, looking for a new home, and they are a bit on the dozy side and all the more dangerous. I would love to swap with you and I will send you my address. Thank you for your lovely comments and I hope you have a great week. xxx Maggie

  21. What beautiful work, Diane! I had plans to learn free motion embroidery this year and will certainly do it once I am well again. Just when I was feeling better after my surgery and starting to be creative again, I am now having chemo and not feeling at all well today...

    Thank you for your lovely comment.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #70


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