Saturday, May 16, 2015

Get up. Get dressed. Paint.

Painting with Rae Missigman’s  15 MINUTES OF MIXED MEDIA©

Noticing: I am still thinking too much.  For example, when she was sketching in the flowers, I caught myself worrying too much about not having mine “look right”.  I have to keep reminding myself the idea of her exercises is to not think, just do.  Thus the reason for practicing with her ever week, hoping it will kick in soon for me. 

She used a stamp to create the triangles which I did not have.  Instead I simply painted them in.  I do want to practice using acrylics with stamps.  I will be joining Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-a-Day Challenge 2015 and I put this on my list of things to practice.   

What I learned:

Ø  She occasionally wipes her brushes clean but never washes them when changing colors.  Often, she goes from one color to the next and the colors mix together as she paints the page.  While this is in part of keeping within the 15 minutes I find myself preferring to clean my brush before going to another color (but I’m not keeping within 15 minutes either). 

Ø  Artists don’t always like what they create, either.  She admits , like this week, she doesn't always like the pages when they are done but as she points out, “The point is to keep going, so I did. I am always of the mindset that next week will be better.”   Knowing this helps me to keep going.

Paint Party Friday


  1. Lovely journal pages. Sounds like you are learning a lot. The idea of just doing, not thinking is a good one - but would take a while for me I think to actually achieve. Will have to check out Rae's blog.

  2. Glad you came over to the right brained side Diane because your work makes me happy!! The colours are amazing!! I made some cheap stamps out of foam board from the dollar store cut into shapes and glued to hard card board... it was fun!! It's hard not to be contrived but lately I have let go, and no things aren't perfect but you find your style easier!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I still have uge problems with letting go and not to think too much...Thank you for the words and showing your pages. Happy PPF - Irma

  4. What a beautiful, bright and cheerful journal spread. And the flowers... perfect! :)


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