Friday, October 2, 2015

A Second Look on the 2nd with Altered Book Lovers

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Painting completed my life.
~Frida Kahlo

Painting is scary.  Painting is intimidating.  These statements are true when you want to paint artistically yet you cannot draw, not even stick figures.  So trying to paint something that resembles a vase of flowers or a face is out of the question.  This is where mixed media painting comes in.  A way to paint using all types of paint and texture without all the worry of having it look like something identifiable..

In March of this year I started a weekly painting practice I call Get up. Get dressed. Paint.  This is the first entry for the series. 
Sharing with Second on the 2nd with Bleubeard and Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lovers.

4/21 Week 1: The Beginning
 I learned that when I make the first art of the day mine, I feel better, more energized ,more confident.  No cleaning, no searching Pinterest for inspiration, no working on swaps…simply painting for myself.
Because I admire Rae Missigman’s work I went to her 15 Minute Mixed Media on her blog and painted THIS journal page as I watched the video.  Of course it took me longer than 15 minutes but I painted…for me.

What I learned: 

  • I discovered a way to get around my anxiety of doodling.  I used leftover punches from plain white card stock for the flowers.  I glued them on then used paint markers to color them in. Will definitely be doing more of this.
  • White gel pen will not write where glue stick got smeared on the page.   
  • I am slowly accepting my handwriting as being okay.
Sharing my early morning art journaling with Claudia Willison at Saturday Art Linkup.  
Sharing my painting inspiration with Saturday Sparks at Pieced Pastimes.
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  1. i like your post, as i can feel this "i can´t draw - thus i can´t paint" myself. actually this lead me to stamping years ago (no Need to draw myself) and to collaging and mixed media further on... i think it is a great Intention to make it for oneself, confidence follows... i like your page and your handwriting (another Thing i´m struggling with... but i think that is a widely spread attitude, too)

  2. I like to meet you in blogland and I like your spread! Great that you did all the things that aren't used to do for you! So you learned and had fun at once.Isn't that super?
    Would be great to see you at our monthly challenge once
    this month we have the theme architecture! You can join in by linking !

    Thank you for your visit and your comment on my blog!
    Happy Second Look on the Second!
    Happy weekend

  3. Thanks for posting while I slept, Diane. It's fun to have you here this month. I really enjoy your series and have often thought about joining your Get Up, Get Dressed, Paint link up, but I don't paint very well, certainly not like you. Of course, since I'm not on Pinterest, I had to laugh at that. And since I clean up after each project, I don't worry about starting something new. I sure like that have found a way to motivate yourself and others with this project. And I really LIKE your handwriting. At least you can read it, something I can't always say about my own!

    This was a fantastic entry, with flowers, doodles, and lots of love. Thanks for sharing it with us for a second look on the 2nd. It was a great second look at a beginning!

  4. lovely and colorful creativity. thank you for sharing

  5. Thanks for sharing a second look. Stepping OUT of our comfort zones can make magic! I love these pages. Of course you don't like your handwriting......who does like their own??
    Yes, I, also, have come to terms with my own's OK!!....LOL!

  6. This really is such a joyful spread! Sometimes just doing things for yourself is just what's needed to encourage you! I sometimes get bogged down trying to enter challenges - even though I tell myself I don't need to!! As for your handwriting - I wish I could write like you - I always find it an effort and get a lettering book out to help me!! Have a good weekend! Chrisx

  7. I love your handwriting, Diane! It is what makes us uniquely us. It is like a fingerprint. We all have a different one. My handwriting is like yours--not particularly beautiful and certainly not fancy--and these are the very things I love about it. NO one writes like me. I am special and one of a kind. No duplicates and therefore only I can leave my unique mark on the world just the way that I do. If I don't show up and do my part, someone else may fill in but it won't be exactly how I would do it and it would be missing that little umph that only I can contribute. :-)

  8. How cheery and bright your journal spread is. And I bet you can draw better than you think-and if not, you certainly can paint. Sorry for the delay stopping by from paint Party Friday-but better late than never!


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