Friday, June 12, 2015

Get up. get Dressed. paint.

An inky stumble in this week's rendition of Rae Missigman's 15 MINUTES OF MIXED MEDIA©

Some mornings run smoother than others; this just wasn’t one of em!

I have learned that many artists have a love-hate relationship with Dylusions ink spray.  Many find it challenging to get the technique down.  I mostly use them for a splash of color.  Of course, everything else in the vicinity seems to get a splash of color as well. 

I had all the supplies set out, had watched the video and was ready to paint.  I forgot one tiny important step, to make sure each of the ink sprays worked.  Yep, the fuchsia didn’t work.  But I had already sprayed the pink and she stressed the fact that we had to spread the ink around quickly before it dried.  Too late!  Creativity screeched to a halt.  I soaked the sprayer in hot water, tried spraying it, didn’t work.  Frustrated, I used another sprayer and this happened: 
It doesn't show it here but my white OttLite  now has a fuchsia base

 What I learned

Ø  I can use Dylusions Inks as a wash for the background for journal pages

Ø  Even using gesso, they can soak through the page.  Previous work can get ruined if not careful!
Ink soaked through to the back side of the page
Paint Party Friday


  1. Well, if you hadn't told us about it going wrong I certainly wouldn't have been any wiser - it looks like a successfully lovely colourful journal page to me!

  2. Beautiful page! Great colours!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. The beauty about this is that it is all part of journaling and there never is right or wrong, just pieces to discover and learn. Love your colors!

  4. pretty, pretty colors! Yes the one downfall of the vibrant inks is that they do tend to bleed thru.

  5. Love your colors on your journal page. Great job.:) I've never used those inks.

  6. I actually use my dip pen in them and also some times paint with them, being careful of course. Love your colors.

  7. I tried ink spray last night - just blobs of paint - I didn't try to blend them. But I was okay with the result. You are certainly learning a lot from your explorations.

  8. Beautiful colours and I'm sure you can use the pink cleverly on the other page.

  9. Seriously your page looks great and we wouldn't know about the other stuff if you didn't tell us. The end result is all that matters and the fun along the way. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  10. I've only tried them a few times myself and have had mixed results with them.... still on the fence about liking them or not :-/ Your pages turned out great ♥


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